10pcs Artichoke Seed Pack


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10Pcs Artichoke Growing Seeds

Take your green-fingers to the next level with 10Pcs Artichoke Growing Seeds! These exceptional Artichoke seeds are the perfect way to plant and grow your own delicious vegetable patch. Whether you’re a beginner with no gardening experience, or an experienced grower, these Artichoke seeds are exceptionally easy and will guarantee success.

Summer is the full bloom period for this succulent plant, and you can cultivate it with ease in outdoor locations, courtyards or smaller growing spaces in your home. Enjoy the dual benefits of bringing a touche of culture and vibrancy to your environment, and the delicious taste of fresh ingredients. With its rapid growth rate, enjoy the fruits of your labor in no time!

The Artichoke seeds are suited to all sizes and shapes of garden, from mini to large. With varied options for soil type, water, sunlight, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect spot to grow your delicious vegetables. Plus, the Artichoke plant is blessed with a variety of natural resistances, making it resistant to both deer and pests.

Bullet Points:
• Easy to grow and ideal for beginners
• Full bloom period is Summer
• Variety of resistances; deer, pest, etc
• Suited to all sizes and shapes of garden
• Variety of options for soil, water, sunlight

With the 10Pcs Artichoke seed pack, you can rest assured that you’re getting top-tier, garden-ready seeds with a high germination rate. Whether you’re planting seasonally, looking to grow fresh produce or just wanting to bring a touch of color to your garden, these Artichoke seeds are sure to make a great addition to your home and garden.

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Product Description:
• Latin Name: Cynara scolymus
• Planting Season: Spring or Summer
• Germination Rate: High
• Grown Plant size: Can grow up to 1.5M in height
• Time to Maturity: 11 Months
• Soil Type: Well-Drained, Slightly Acidic
• Watering: Moderate
• Sunlight: Full
• Uses: Eaten as a vegetable and its leaves produced to be eaten as a vegetable
• Deer Resistance: Very High
• Pest and Disease Resistance: Low

How to Plant 10pcs Artichoke Seed Pack
1. Choose a sunny area in your garden to plant the Artichoke seeds.
2. Prepare a well-drained bed with slightly acidic soil.
3. Plant the seeds about 1 inch apart and cover with soil.
4. Water the bed adequately and regularly.
5. Fertilize the bed near the harvest time for bigger Artichoke heads.
6. As the plant matures, remove dead leaves to drive away plant diseases.
7. Harvest Artichoke heads when they are still tight and become purple in color.

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