10pc Canna Lily Flower Varieties


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10pcs Canna Lily Flower Buds Mixed Colors Seeds

Introducing the 10pc Canna Lily Flower Varieties: a vibrant collection of eye-catching flowers for your garden, patio, or balcony. Each seed set will provide you with a mix of flower buds in stunning shades of pink, orange, red, and yellow. An easy-to-maintain type of perennial flower, Canna Lilies will bring a burst of long-lasting beauty to your outdoor space.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, you’ll quickly note the many advantages of the 10pc Canna Lily Flower Varieties. With an easy-to-sow germination rate of 85%, these special flower species will provide you with a long-term aesthetic solution. The blossoms have a great fragrance and will add beautiful vibrancy to your garden. They don’t require much effort to bloom, but will offer you plenty of joy with their bright hues.

These Canna Lilly buds are perfect for all kinds of outdoor spaces, and look gorgeous against a backdrop of lush green foliage. The flowers can be planted over a wide variety of ground types, with the optional addition of slow-release plant food. Canna Lilies will reach an adult height of up to four feet, and will take approximately 120-180 days to reach the late-bloom stage. Planting and caring for these beautiful flowers is surprisingly easy, so go ahead and transform your outdoor space with the 10pc Canna Lily Flower Varieties today!

Product Description:

– Latin Name: Canna x generalis
– Planting Season: Spring/Summer/Fall
– Germination Rate: 85%
– Grown Plant Size: Up to four feet
– Time to Maturity: 120-180 days
– Soil Type: Moist, well-drained
– Watering: Not too frequent, more frequent in summer
– Sunlight: 6-8 hours of direct sun
– Uses: Garden bed, patio/balcony, container
– Deer Resistance: Good
– Pest and Disease Resistance: Little to no resistance

How to Plant 10pc Canna Lily Flower Varieties:

– Choose a sunny area of your outdoor space that is about 4-6 inches deep.
– Dig small holes about 5-6 inches apart.
– Place the seeds carefully in the holes, covering them lightly with soil.
– Water the soil until it is moist but not wet.
– Place a thin layer of mulch around the seeds to help protect them from extreme temperatures and animals.
– Maintain a regular watering schedule, avoiding overwatering.
– Your Canna Lilies should begin to sprout and bloom within 120-180 days.

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