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100pcs Yellow Watermelon Seeds Grow Your Own

Bring your garden to life with our 100pcs Yellow Watermelon Seeds! Designed to grow quickly and easily, these seeds are perfect for both novice gardeners and experts alike. Plant them in a sunny region and you are sure to enjoy plenty of bright yellow watermelons in no time.

These 100pcs Yellow Watermelon Seeds are perfect for the home garden. Plus, with the Latin name Citrullus lanatus, the growing season from June through August and a minimal germination rate of 95%, you can trust that they will deliver the results you want. Grown plants can be up to 4.7 in (12 cm) long and it takes about 80 to 95 days for the watermelons to mature on the vine.

These watermelon seeds require moist, well-drained soil with regular watering, plenty of sunlight and deer-resistant protection. To ensure the best growth, protect your plants from pest and disease with other preventive measures.

Our 100pcs Yellow Watermelon Seeds are an easy and inexpensive way to engage in backyard farming. With minimal effort you can grow a crop of sweet and yummy watermelons right in your own garden.

Key Product Details
• Latin Name: Citrullus lanatus
• Planting Season: June through August
• Germination Rate: 95%
• Grown Plant Size: 4.7 in (12 cm)
• Time To Maturity: 80 to 95 days
• Soil Type: Moist, well-drained
• Watering: Regular
• Sunlight: Plenty
• Uses: Culinary,visual
• Deer Resistance: Yes
• Pest/Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant 100pcs Yellow Watermelon Seeds
1. Choose a sunny spot in your garden with distances between the plants of at least three feet.
2. Turn over several inches of soil, and mix in plenty of organic material like compost or manure.
3. Water the soil, and sow each seed about one inch deep and three inches apart.
4. Cover with soil and pat down lightly.
5. Water regularly and keep weeds away.
6. To encourage pollination, shake the vine or use a paintbrush to get pollen from the center of the male (pollenating) flower to the female flower.
7. Harvest the watermelons when they are ripe.

100pcs Yellow Watermelon Seeds are a great option for gardeners looking to grow their own sweet, juicy watermelons right from their backyard. Get started today with our easy to grow Yellow Watermelon Seeds and enjoy the bounty of your harvest in no time!

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