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100Pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds Grow Your Own

Enhance your home garden today with our 100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds. This rare variety of sweet potato will bring a beautiful blend of purple tones into any vegetable garden.

Ideal for outdoor plants, these purple sweet potato seeds provide all the benefits of the classic orange sweet potatoes with a unique, vibrant color. Our amazing seeds are easy to grow and each planting season brings a crop full of nourishment and beauty.

Highlights of the 100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds include:

• Latin Name: Ipomoea batatas L
• Planting Season – spring, summer and autumn
• Germination Rate – High
• Grown Plant Size – 3~4m (length)
• Time to Maturity – One year harvest
• Soil Type – Neutral, sandy soils
• Watering – Regular watering
• Sunlight – 4-7 hours a day
• Uses – Not only edible, but also beautiful and can be used for ornaments
• Deer Resistance – Highly Resistant
• Pest and Disease – Low probability

Say goodbye to bland and boring with our 100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds. Transform your home garden into a beautiful, vibrant backdrop ideal for outdoor relaxing, entertaining friends and family, and more!

How to Plant 100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds:

1. Choose a suitable location in your garden, making sure to provide plenty of sunlight.
2. Make sure to prepare the soil with the right balance of nutrients.
3. Plant the seeds about 2 inches deep and 4-6 inches apart.
4. Flatten the area around the newly planted seeds and water the soil.
5. Provide regular watering throughout the growing season.
6. After several weeks, you should start to see shoots of purple sweetpotato seedlings.
7. Mature plants should be ready for harvest after one season.

Bring a unique, colorful life to your home garden today with 100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds. Enjoy the pride and joy of growing your own garden with this unique vegetable that offers not only nourishment, but beauty and vibrant colors too!

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Purple Sweet Potato