100Pcs Passion Flower Seeds Vine


100Pcs Passion Flower Seeds Bonsai Vine - 1
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100Pcs Passion Flower Vine Seeds Bonsai

Discover the 100Pcs Passion Flower Vine Seeds Bonsai, a unique blend of beauty and versatility for your garden or balcony. Passion flower vines are renowned for their hardiness and stunning blooms of vibrant color. These fast-growing vines bring a special charm to your home, offering a pleasant fragrance and a unique range of uses.

These special seeds are known for their strong germination rate, with plants tailored to fit your decor or space as medium, small or large pots. Passion flowers can be planted in any season, but in the colder months, the perfect time for sowing is between October and March.

Passion Flowers require a rich well-drained soil, and can survive in semi-shade or direct sunlight. Passion Flower vines require regular light watering, and pruning is necessary to avoid uncontrolled growth.

Benefits of growing Passion Flowers include:

• Unique and attractive flowers
• Low maintenance
• Fast-growing and versatile
• Resistant to pests and diseases
• Deer resistant

Product Description:
Latin Name: Passiflora caerulea
Planting season: October – March
Germination rate: 80%
Grown plant size: 10-20cm
Time to maturity: 8-12 weeks
Soil type: Rich and well-drained
Watering: Light, regular water
Sunlight: Semi-shade or direct sunlight
Uses: multifunctional
Deer resistance: Yes
Pest and disease resistance: Resistant

How to Plant 100Pcs Passion Flower Seeds Bonsai Vine

1. Pick the perfect spot – Choose a sunny spot needing some shade, or somewhere half sheltered from wind and frost.

2. Prepare the soil – Mix in compost or slow-release fertilizer into rich well-drained soil to ensure your vines get the proper nutrients.

3. Sow the seeds – Sow the seeds at 4-6 inches apart in shallow furrows.

4. Cover the seeds – Cover with a thin layer of soil and sprinkle lightly with water to moisten.

5. Care for your vine – Be sure to continue watering regularly. If needed, you can add an organic or slow-release fertilizer as the season progresses.

6. Enjoy your flowers – Once established, you can enjoy the beautiful passion flower blooms, fragrance, and uses.

100Pcs Passion Flower Vine Seeds Bonsai is the perfect addition for your perennial flower garden that will bring life, color, and a unique fragrance to any outdoor area. With their strong germination rate and hardiness, Passion Flower’s are great for novice and experienced gardeners alike. Enjoy the beauty of these versatile and tough plants for many years to come!

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