100pcs Osiria Rose Seeds Vibrant Colors


100pcs Osiria Rose Seeds Vibrant Colors - 1
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100pcs Osiria Rose Seeds Vibrant Colors for Your Landscape

Transform your outdoor space into a stunning haven of vibrant color with 100pcs Osiria Rose Seeds Vibrant Colors for Your Landscape! This rose variety provides huge double blooms that look amazing in any off-season occasions. Their low maintenance level makes them the perfect choice for gardeners and landscapers. The diverse palette of colors this rose seed offers are sure to be a favorite of any flower enthusiast.

This rose variety is classified as a Bonsai which is great for decorating small-scale landscapes and indoor spaces. It takes very little effort to get these magnificent roses to grow and burst into blooms. While they need some sunlight, they are more suitable for milder climates.

Product Specs:
• Latin Name: Osiria Rose
• Planting Season: Spring
• Germination Rate: 90%
• Grown Plant Size: 3-4ft
• Maturity Time: 3-4 Years
• Soil Type: Well-drained, loose soil
• Watering: Regularly
• Sunlight: Needs some sunlight
• Uses: Decorative
• Deer Resistant: Yes
• Pest & Disease Resistance: Very High

The 100pcs Osiria Rose Seeds Vibrant Colors for Your Landscape is sure to give your garden the colorful, eye-catching greenery you’ve been looking for. So why wait? Step up the beauty of your home and get your hands on this set of rose seeds now!

How to Plant 100pcs Osiria Rose Seeds Vibrant Colors:
• Prepare a planting area with good soil.
• Dig holes about 2 inches deep for each seed.
• Place the Osiria Rose seeds in the ground and lightly cover with soil.
• Make sure the seeds get plenty of water for germination.
• The seeds should germinate in 3-4 weeks.
• Fertilize regularly for full-bloom.
• Enjoy the vibrant colors of the Osiria Rose blooms!

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