100pcs Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds


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100pcs Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds for Insectivorous Bonsai Clip Promotion

Grow your very own insectivorous bonsai with the 100pcs Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds! Featuring an exquisite, peculiar shape, this carnivorous plant makes an eye-catching addition to any home or garden. An iconic species native to the bogs and wetlands of the Southeastern United States, the Venus Flytrap has an unmistakable clamp-like trap that’s sure to give you unforgettable moments.

This 100pcs Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds Pack will turn your garden into a living artwork, providing stunning color and great insect control. With the right care, in time, these Venus Flytrap Seeds will turn into robust, full-grown plants. The pack comes with detailed instructions to help you provide the best possible conditions for successful growing.

Product Advantages
• Perfect for Insectivorous Bonsai
• Clamp-like trap
• Comes with detailed instructions
• Eye-catching addition to any home or garden

Product Details
• Latin Name: Dionaea Muscipula
• Planting Season: Spring
• Germination Rate: 85%
• Grown Plant Size: 5-20CM
• Time to Maturity: 90 Days
• Soil Type: Substratum
• Watering: 3 times a week
• Sunlight: Full Sun
• Uses: Mosquito Repelling
• Deer Resistance: Yes
• Pest and Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant 100pcs Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds
1. Pre-soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours.
2. Gently cover the seeds in the substrate.
3. Place the pot in a bright, sunny spot in the garden.
4. Keep the temperature balanced between 15°C and 25°C.
5. Water the pot with distilled water or rainwater.
6. Add a thin layer of moss over the seeds.
7. Keep the pot moist but not overly wet.
8. Feed the plant insects and small vertebrates.
9. Prune dead leaves and stems periodically.
10. Enjoy your beautiful insectivorous Venus Flytrap!

Additional information

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Carnivorous Plant

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Eat Cordyceps

60 reviews for 100pcs Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds

  1. Ilse

    Delivery slow, seeds decent, not all germinated.

  2. Delorse

    Great product, seeds sprouted quickly, loved watching them catch flies!

  3. Elina

    Amazing product! seeds sprouted quickly, creating a fascinating, healthy army of fly-eating plants. highly recommend!

  4. Gilda

    Super fast delivery! Seeds came quickly, germination good. Few spelling errors bt love the product!

  5. Karey


  6. Norine

    Seeds arrived late germination rate disappointing Needs improvement for a better gardening experience

  7. Candida

    Delayed delivery, seeds didnt sprout.

  8. Karissa

    Decent product, but germination rate was lower than expected. Still, an interesting plant to grow.

  9. Sabrina

    Seeds came late not good for planting schedule Germination not as high as expected Venus Flytrap seeds need quick delivery to grow well Not fully satisfied but will try again

  10. Breanne

    These Giant Venus Flytrap seeds are fantastic They sprouted quickly and are thriving The customer support was particularly impressive always ready to help and provided excellent care tips Highly recommended for plant enthusiasts

  11. Latanya

    These Venus Flytrap seeds germinated well, yielding strong, healthy plants. Absolutely fascinating to watch them grow and catch flies. Highly recommended for nature enthusiasts!

  12. Hope

    Great product, seeds sprouted well! Some didnt grow, but majority did. Love my new flytraps!

  13. Mimi

    Amazing product! The 100pcs Giant Venus Flytrap seeds arrived super fast. Theyre high quality, sprouting quickly. Absolutely five-star worthy!

  14. Shakira

    average needs better germination rate

  15. Alba

    Decent quality but hit or miss germination

  16. Phil

    These flytrap seeds are simply amazing! They arrived in a very well-packaged, secure envelope which I really appreciate. Ive always been fascinated by Venus Flytraps and having a hundred of these giants is like a dream come true. The seeds germinated pretty quickly and Im looking forward to seeing them in their full glory soon. Im giving this product a full 5-star rating because it exceeded my expectations. So if youre into unique and interesting plants, this pack of giant flytrap seeds is definitely a must-try!

  17. Barbera

    The seeds arrived in good condition but germination was a bit tricky Its fascinating to watch them grow but requires patience Overall a decent product for those interested in carnivorous plants

  18. Leonore

    Decent seeds

  19. Allene

    These seeds are fantastic! They germinate well and the resulting flytraps are impressively large. Really satisfied with my purchase.

  20. Laureen

    Seeds sprouted well but only few grew into full-sized Venus Flytraps.

  21. Lila

    Amazing seeds colossal flytraps Will recommend product and shop

  22. Lavina

    Delivery was slow, seeds didnt meet my flytrap growth expectations.

  23. Efren

    Impressed with the quality of these seeds Germination rate was high and the flytraps are thriving Highly recommend this product and the webshop to other gardening enthusiasts

  24. Jayna

    repeat customer here, incredibly satisfied again! seeds sprouted quickly, resulting in healthy, large venus flytraps. highly recommend! 5/5 stars!

  25. Jolene

    Great seeds, reliable store!

  26. Carolina

    These Venus Flytrap seeds are amazing The packaging is sturdy and secure ensuring all 100 seeds arrived safely Im impressed by the quality theyve sprouted incredibly fast in my garden Highly recommended for nature enthusiasts

  27. Kerstin

    Seeds are okay, mixed results.

  28. Letha

    While the idea of growing your own flytraps is intriguing, the germination rate was disappointingly low. however, with patience and proper care, some seeds did sprout into fascinating plants. mixed feelings overall.

  29. Matilde

    Amazing seeds, grew into fantastic, healthy venus flytraps. highly recommend!

  30. Patsy

    Seeds sprouted but growth is slower than expected.

  31. Stephen


  32. Audra

    these flytrap seeds are amazing! huge success, my gardens now a real bug-free zone!

  33. Cyril

    while the concept of growing your own carnivorous plants is exciting, the actual germination rate is quite low. its not a bad pack, just requires much patience and specific care.

  34. Marinda

    Impressive quantity, sprouted well. Fascinating to watch them trap flies!

  35. Omega

    Fantastic quality, super fast growth!

  36. Beverley

    These Venus Flytrap seeds are intriguing, but patience is required. Germination takes time and their survival rate isnt as high as Id hoped. Good for hobbyists, but not for the casual gardener.

  37. Jamey

    Great seeds super detailed info

  38. Rebekah

    delivery was slow and many of the flytrap seeds failed to germinate. disappointing.

  39. Marna

    great packaging! these venus flytrap seeds sprouted quickly and are now thriving. highly recommend!

  40. Catalina

    amazing seeds, they grow quickly into fascinating, effective fly catchers. highly recommend!

  41. Dorethea

    repeat buyer, always satisfied!

  42. Ching

    these seeds sprouted into healthy, captivating plants. they were a hit, receiving lots of positive feedback from my guests. great quality, highly recommend!

  43. Sari

    Thrilled with my second order of these colossal flytrap seeds! Theyre easy to grow and fascinating to watch. Highly recommended for nature lovers. Solid 4 stars!

  44. Katherina

    Average growth.

  45. Enda

    Seeds arrived late and in poor condition. Germination rate was disappointingly low. Not the best experience but may try again.

  46. Lawana

    Late delivery, seeds didnt germinate.

  47. Lorenza

    These Venus Flytrap seeds sprouted wonderfully, making my garden a fascinating insect-catching haven! Absolutely five-star quality!

  48. Zofia

    These Venus Flytrap seeds are phenomenal! The package arrived with 100 healthy, giant seeds ready for planting. The packaging was secure, ensuring no damage. A perfect 5-star experience, highly recommended for all garden enthusiasts!

  49. Margo

    These Venus Flytrap seeds are nothing short of amazing. The packet comes with 100 seeds, a real bargain! The product descriptions and specifications are extremely detailed and accurate. Truly a 5-star product for gardening enthusiasts. Highly recommended for those with a green thumb!

  50. Mae

    Impressive growth and fascinating plants!

  51. Tennie

    Decent seeds, mixed germination success.

  52. Machelle

    Simply amazing flytrap seeds

  53. Tobie

    Impressive quality seeds!

  54. Pamala

    great product! seeds sprouted well. highly recommend to gardening enthusiasts.

  55. Myesha

    Seeds sprouted, amazing store service!

  56. Emely

    the pack of 100 venus flytrap seeds was a mixed bag germination was a bit tricky and results varied but when successful they were quite the spectacle worth a try for patient gardeners

  57. Mignon

    These Flytrap seeds promise a lot but deliver less. While the idea of growing your own carnivorous plants is exciting, germination is a bit hit-or-miss. A little more consistency would go a long way.

  58. Terese

    Quick germination few survivals tho

  59. Milan

    grest for bug control!

  60. Kari

    Second order, still amazed! high-quality seeds, brilliantly effective. five stars!

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