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100pcs Bonsai Fuchsia Begonia Seeds Hang or Plant

Add up the beauty of your garden with these 100pcs Fuchsia Begonia Seeds that you can either hang or plant! These beautiful Fuchsia Begonia flowers will add an extra dimension to your garden creating a luscious and charming ambience.

These Fuchsia Begonia Seeds will produce stunning blooms during the autumn months, making a statement of your decor style in your garden. Never worry about radiation again! Our Fuchsia Begonia Seeds offer great protection against radiation from the environment. Have an easier time planting your Fuchsia Begonia Seeds! Their cultivating difficulty degree is very easy, great for both amateur and experienced gardeners.

Main Features:
• Full-bloom Period: Autumn
• Type: Blooming Plants
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Function: Radiation Protection
• Variety: Flower
• Use: Indoor Plants
• Climate: Temperate
• Size: Mini, small, medium, large
• Product Type: Bonsai

Additional Information:
• Latin Name: Begonia Semperflorens-cultorum
• Planting Season: Spring or Summer
• Germination Rate: 80%
• Grown Plant Size: varies from 8 to 24 inches tall
• Time to Maturity: 10 to 12 weeks
• Soil Type: Humus Rich/Well-drained/Organic/Acidic
• Watering: Adequate for Begonia semperflorens-cultorum
• Sunlight: Partial Shade to Full Shade
• Uses: Starters, Pots, Containers, Hanging Baskets
• Deer Resistance: Yes
• Pest and Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant 100pcs Fuchsia Begonia Seeds:
1. Choose an area in your garden with adequate shade
2. Till soil and mix with some organic compost
3. Place the Fuchsia Begonia Seeds in the area and lightly spread soil over them
4. Water your seeds and keep moist
5. Watch your plant grow during the next 10-12 weeks
6. Enjoy your beautiful Fuchsia Begonia flowers!

These vibrant and unique Fuchsia Begonia Seeds will make a perfect addition to your garden! Whether it’s a perfect gift or just for the beauty of your own garden, these Fuchsia Begonia Seeds will make a beautiful statement. Enhance every outdoor experience with these lovely Fuchsia Begonia Seeds!

Additional information

Full-bloom Period: No selection


Type: No selection

Blooming Plants

Applicable Constellation: No selection


Flowerpot: No selection


Cultivating Difficulty Degree: No selection

Very Easy

Function: No selection

Radiation Protection

Classification: No selection

Novel Plant

Variety: No selection


Use: No selection

Indoor Plants

Style: No selection


Climate: No selection


Location: No selection


Model Number: No selection

Bonsai Tree Seedsplants Flower Seedlings

Size: No selection


Product Type: No selection


62 reviews for 100pcs Fuchsia Begonia Seeds

  1. Herminia

    Arrived late. Seeds were as described but germination rate was less than expected.

  2. Elijah

    Lovely seeds, sprouted quickly into stunning fuchsia begonias. Highly recommend!

  3. Awilda

    great product! the begonia seeds sprouted beautifully, adding a pop of color to my garden. the customer support was helpful and prompt. highly recommend!

  4. Jerrie

    The Fuchsia Begonia Seeds pack offers a generous 100 pieces. However, the germination process can be quite challenging, requiring patience and gardening skills. Once successful, the flowers are truly vibrant and beautiful.

  5. Reginald

    the fuchsia begonia seeds arrived in fair condition, though with a delay in delivery. unfortunately, germination success was lower than expected, contributing to a less than satisfactory experience. better logistics management could improve the overall satisfaction.

  6. Malik


  7. Shandi

    these 100pcs fuchsia begonia seeds sprouted beautifully, adding vibrant color to my garden. customer support was exceptionally helpful with planting advice. highly recommend!

  8. Lilia

    Excellent seeds, vibrant blooms! Kudos to the superb customer support.

  9. Cesar

    Decent quality seeds, but germination rate could certainly be improved. Beautiful flower color though.

  10. Madeleine

    These Fuchsia Begonia Seeds are fantastic! They sprouted quickly and are growing beautifully, adding a vibrant pop of color to my garden. The 100pcs pack is quite generous. Lost a star as a few didnt germinate, but overall, a great buy for any gardening enthusiast.

  11. Wilbert

    Beautiful begonias! quick germination, vibrant color. exceptional customer support – very helpful and prompt. highly recommend!

  12. Amina

    Seeds germinated well, but not all reached full maturity. Decent for beginner gardeners.

  13. Helen

    Colorful begonia seeds sprouted quickly adding beauty to my garden

  14. Helaine

    pretty fuchsia begonias, though germination rate could be better. decent for the price.

  15. Larissa

    Vibrant color, easy to grow.

  16. Vada

    Seeds arrived on time germination rate decent but not outstanding Fuchsia color was gorgous but plants were bit frail Decent purchase overall

  17. Yuriko

    Decent product overall. Got 100pcs Fuchsia Begonia seeds, theyre alright. Germination rate was a bit low, but the flowers that grew were stunning. Instructions could be clearer. Would maybe recomend, not too bad.

  18. Isaiah

    Great product Begonia seeds arrived swiftly and are now growing beautifully Highly recommended

  19. Cornell

    Beautiful fuchsia begonia seeds, excellent germination rate, highly recommended!

  20. Tommye

    These seeds germinated reasonably well However the overall growth and bloom rate was a bit disappointing Good for beginner gardeners but might not satisfy seasoned horticulturists Average product

  21. Tanika

    Great value, vibrant blooms!

  22. Elissa

    these seeds sprouted into vibrant, healthy begonias! impressed with the quality. four stars because a few didnt germinate. will definitely recommend this product and online shop to fellow garden enthusiasts!

  23. Margarite

    These fuchsia begonia seeds are fantastic! They arrived quickly, which was a pleasant surprise. I love how theyve added a vibrant touch to my garden. Their germination rate is decent and the 100-seed pack is great value for money. Highly recommended for gardening enthusiasts.

  24. Hilton

    Arrived late, seeds didnt sprout as expected. Disappointing overall experience.

  25. Skye

    Beautiful color, great germination rate!

  26. Roselee

    Vibrant and thriving.

  27. Tori

    Lovely, vibrant, easy to grow!

  28. Beverley


  29. Sommer

    these begonia seeds are decent, but they dont all germinate. quite hit-or-miss.

  30. Soon

    Great price for such high-quality seeds, much cheaper than other online stores. Perfect germination!

  31. Lanita

    Just okay

  32. Novella

    High-quality seeds, sprouted beautifully, giving vibrant fuchsia blooms. Definitely recommend!

  33. Johnny


  34. Otelia

    these fuchsia begonia seeds are simply outstanding im totally amazed by their quality compared to other online shops the price is unbeatable plus they sprout quickly and grow beautifully just a few minor spelling mistakes in the packaging but it adds a human touch

  35. Socorro

    These fuchsia begonia seeds sprouted beautifully, adding vibrant color to my garden. Highly recommended!

  36. Trinh

    Great product Seeds germinated well resulting in beautiful flowers Highly recommend both product and webshop

  37. Mikaela

    These seeds are top-notch! They sprout quickly and grow into vibrant, healthy fuchsia begonias. The free gift, a handy planting guide, was a thoughtful touch and extremely useful. Overall, excellent value for money and I couldnt be more pleased!

  38. Deeanna

    Great seeds satisfied again

  39. Dennis

    Beautiful fuchsia begonia seeds, sprouted well. Got many compliments on vibrant blooms. Highly recommended!

  40. Ulrike

    okay, but could be better.

  41. Mack

    Vibrant, easy-to-grow fuchsia begonia seeds! healthy 100-piece pack, definitely five-star quality.

  42. Zaida

    Lovely seeds! Received many compliments on the vibrant blooms. Highly recommended.

  43. Donny

    Average germination rate.

  44. Benito


  45. Michiko

    Beautiful seeds! They sprouted quickly and are growing into vibrant, healthy begonias. Highly recommended.

  46. Donald

    Beautiful seeds, sprouted quickly into stunning fuchsia begonias. Highly recommend!

  47. Laure

    The seeds germinated fairly well although not all bloomed The resulting flowers were vibrant but overall results were mixed

  48. Shawanna

    Impressive! These Begonia seeds were beautifully packaged and resulted in stunning Fuchsia blooms. Highly recommend!

  49. Naoma

    Decent, but not spectacular.

  50. Yolanda

    these fuchsia begonia seeds sprouted beautifully, adding a vibrant splash of color to my garden. quality seeds, easy to plant, highly recommend!

  51. Janeth

    Beautiful fuchsia begonia seeds, germination success exceeded expectations!

  52. Inger

    really happy with these seeds! they sprouted quickly and are growing well. a few didnt germinate, but mostly success. vibrant fushcia colour is stunning! few minor issues, but overall a good purchase.

  53. Jack

    Great seeds with high germination rate. Customer support was extremely helpful and responsive.

  54. Mignon

    these begonia seeds didnt quite meet my expectations. the germination rate was poor and the delivery was unfortunately delayed. room for improvement.

  55. Pamela

    Love these begonia seeds, second purchase, still satisfied!

  56. Jay

    delayed delivery, seeds didnt bloom.

  57. Miesha

    Great seeds, low price, better than other shops. Highly recomended!

  58. Ona

    Lovely seeds, fuchsia blooms were stunning. Loved the free gift!

  59. Ernest

    Simply delightful!

  60. Filomena

    These fuchsia begonia seeds sprouted beautifully adding a pop of color to my garden Some didnt germinate but majority bloomed Great value for a pack of 100 4/5 stars

  61. Deedra

    these seeds sprouted beautifully, adding vibrant color to my garden. customer support was exceptionally helpful and responsive. highly recommended!

  62. Zetta

    Vibrant color, great germination rate!

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