100pcs Fingerling Potato Seeds


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100pcs Fingerling Potato Seeds for Farming

Introducing the 100pcs Fingerling Potato Seeds for Farming, the perfect solution for home gardeners seeking for a refreshing, and vibrant bonsai growing experience. Whether you are looking to freshen up your courtyard’s landscape, or you want to have a mini garden in a full-bloom for spring, this bag of premium Fingerling Potato Seeds is a great option. Boasting a very easy cultivating difficulty degree, these seeds thrive in subtropical climate and require medium to large size soil type which should be kept moderately moist. In addition, these Fingerling Potato Seeds are deer resistant, pest and disease resistant, and can be used in a multitude of outdoor dishes.

Benefits of the 100pcs Fingerling Potato Seeds for Farming:

– Add a refreshing experience to your garden
– Brighten your outdoor scenery with vibrant bonsais
– Perfect full-bloom experience for spring
– Low maintenance plants with easy cultivating difficulty degree
– Medium to large size soil type
– Will thrive on subtropics climate
– Soil should be kept moderately moist
– Deer resistant, pest and disease resistant
– Used outdoors in a multitude of dishes

Detailed description:
– Latin name: Solanum tuberosum
– Planting season: Spring
– Germination rate: 75-80%
– Grown plant size: varies between 3-4 in (7.6–10 cm)
– Time to maturity: 90-120 days
– Soil type: medium-heavy
– Watering: weekly
– Sunlight: full to partial
– Uses: outdoors, in a multitude of dishes
– Deer resistance: yes
– Pest and disease resistance: yes

How to Plant 100pcs Fingerling Potato Seeds:
1. Choose a spot in your garden that gets at least 6 hours of sun and till in some organic material to a depth of 10-15 cm.
2. Begin planting the Fingerling Potato Seeds 4-6 cm deep and 15 cm apart from each other in rows.
3. Water the newly planted seeds twice per week, during dry spells, to encourage germination.
4. Make sure to keep the soil evenly moist while caring for seedlings. Once the plants are established.
5. Cut back your watering schedule to once a week, unless the weather is unusually hot.
6. Once the potato plants begin to flower, apply a liquid fertilizer to encourage even more growth.
7. Harvest Fingerling Potato Seeds after about 90-120 days.

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