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100pcs Black Rose Seeds Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Add a touch of romance to your garden with this 100pcs Pack of Black Rose Seeds! This exquisite flower is the perfect way to make a special occasion even more memorable. Whether you’re gifting for a loved one or simply adding to your own garden, these vibrant and velvety petals will make your heart bloom.

This variety of rose, known as ‘Rosa darvivii’, is commonly found in temperate climates and adds a touch of elegance to any home. Featuring a low cultivating difficulty level, these seeds are ideal for both new and experienced gardeners alike. With the right soil, watering, and sun exposure, you’ll soon be surrounded by the beauty of these black blooms.

Plus, you don’t need a flowerpot for the black roses, making them perfect for any outdoor setting or as an addition to your front lawn. Not only will they add natural beauty to your home, but they are also great for air purification. So, make your living spaces beautiful and fragrant while bringing nature indoors.

Black Roses Grow Your Own features:
• Variety: Rose
• Climate: Temperate
• Applicable Constellation: Virgo
• Size: Small
• Function: Air Purification
• Location: Courtyard
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Type: Blooming Plants
• Full-bloom Period: Summer
• Classification: Happy Farm
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Uses: Outdoor Plants
• Product Type: Bonsai
• Style: Perennial

How to Plant 100pcs Black Rose Seeds Grow Your Own
1. Choose a sunny or semi-shaded outdoor spot for planting.
2. Dig a hole and fill it with a quality soil mix.
3. Carefully water the soil mix, until moist but not wet.
4. Start planting the black rose seeds ¼ inch deep into prepared soil.
5. Cover with a thin layer of soil, and thoroughly water again.
6. Keep at least 18 inches in between each planted seed.
7. Water regularly to keep the soil lightly damp throughout the growth and blooming season.
8. Fertilize once a month, and remove any weeds that may compete with the black roses for nutrients and sunlight.
9. Enjoy the beauty of the blooms throughout the summertime.

Black Rose Seeds Grow Your Own will bring beauty and fragrance into your home, making it the perfect gift for yourself or a special someone. An ideal addition to your garden, these rose seeds will add elegance and va-va-voom to your outdoor space. Don’t wait any longer and grab your pack of 100pcs Black Rose Seeds today!

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Air Purification






Blooming Plants

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Happy Farm

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Very Easy


Outdoor Plants

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