100pc Daylily Lily Seeds


100pc Daylily Bonsai Lily Seeds - 1
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100 Pcs Bag Hemerocallis Lily Flower Seeds for Bonsai

Create a unique and eye-catching garden with these 100pc Daylily Bonsai Lily Seeds! Producing bright blooms of Hemerocallis Lily, this perfect bag of seeds is perfect for enriching your garden with vibrant greenery. Enjoy all the perks of growing your own bonsai from the comfort of home – there’s nothing quite like a homemade garden!

Each Daylily seed is specially packaged and labelled for your convenience, and comes with Cultivating Difficulty Degree of ‘Very Easy’. Delve into the world of growing your own with these 100pc Daylily Bonsai Lily Seeds! Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations, these types make excellent additions to any garden, patio or courtyard.

Here’s why you should get these seeds:

• 100 piece Daylily Hemerocallis Lily flower seeds
• Specially packaged for ease and convenience
• Cultivating difficulty rated at ‘Very Easy’
• Perfect for enriching your garden with vibrant blooms
• Great for both indoor and outdoor locations
• Easy to plant and care for

Product Details:
• Latin Name: Hemerocallis Lily
• Planting Season: Spring
• Germination Rate: 85%
• Grown Plant Size: From 10cm-30cm
• Time to Maturity: 40 days
• Soil Type: Loam
• Watering: Moderate
• Sunlight: Full/Partial
• Uses: Ideal for borders, beds and decorative landscaping
• Deer Resistance: Moderate
• Pest & Disease Resistance: Moderate

How to Plant 100pc Daylily Bonsai Lily Seeds:
1. Select a planting area that has well-drained soil and get rid of weeds and rocks.
2. Mix in a layer of organic, nutrient-rich soil to the planting area.
3. Plant your Daylily Bonsai Lily Seeds into the soil, no more than 2 inches deep.
4. Gently press down the soil to ensure contact between the seed and soil.
5. Water the soil after planting the seeds.
6. Place your plant where it can get full or partial sunlight.
7. Water your Bonsai Lily plants when their soil is dry.
8. Wait for your Bonsai Lily to germinate and grow!

With the 100pc Daylily Bonsai Lily Seeds, you can get the perfect, unique garden that you never knew you always wanted! Enjoy beautiful blooms of Hemerocallis Lily with very little effort – just plant the seeds, water them and wait for your garden to come to life. Get your 100pc Daylily Bonsai Lily Seeds today and start growing your very own garden!

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