1000 Carolina Reaper Chili Seeds


1000 Carolina Reaper Chili Seeds - 1
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1000 Pcs Carolina Reaper Seeds Spicy Sweet Giant Chili

Get the mouth-watering plant you need to spice up your home or garden with 1000 Pcs Carolina Reaper Seeds! A rare chili pepper that lives up to its reputation as one of the spiciest & sweetest peppers on the planet.

This pack of giant chili seeds won’t take long to grow, is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be used in various recipes, plus they’re drought tolerant and pest and disease resistant. If you’re looking for a unique way to add flavor to your dishes, these Carolina Reaper chili seeds are the perfect way to go!

Product Details:
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Use: Indoor/Outdoor Plants
• Type: Landscape Plant
• Germination Rate: 95%
• Grown Plant Size: 4-7 inches
• Maturity Time: 90 days
• Deer Resistance: Moderate
• Soil Type: Well draining
• Watering: Moderate
• Sunlight: Full Sun
• Uses: Can be used in recipes
• Latin Name: Capsicum Chinense

Bullet points:
• One of the hottest and sweetest peppers available
• Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
• Easy to grow and harvest
• An excellent way to add flavor to your recipes
• Drought tolerant and pest & disease resistant

Make your day hotter and spicier with this 1000 Pcs Carolina Reaper Seeds! Add a homemade zing to any meal by growing these giant chili peppers with strong heat and sweet flavors for you to enjoy. Plant these seeds in the spring and get ready to harvest and have a delightful spicy surprise by summertime!

Follow these simple steps below and you’ll be able to grow and enjoy these peppers at home with ease:
How to Plant 1000 Carolina Reaper Chili Seeds:
1. Start with fertile soil and make sure the soil is moist.
2. Sow your seeds in a sunny area that gets plenty of light.
3. Plant the seeds around 1/4 inch deep.
4. Once seedlings appear, thin if needed and keep soil moist.
5. Harvest your peppers in approximately 90 days.
6. Enjoy your freshly grown spicy Carolina Reapers!

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