Zero G Beyblades Burst Blade Metal Fight Spinning Toy Tops Booster Bbg02 Sw145sd

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Bey Metal Masters Zero G Series
Booster Shinobi Salamander BBG02 SW145SD
Each lot Including: ( launchers optional )
1 xBey BBG02 Booster Shinobi Salamander SW145SD
1x Decoration Sticker
1x metal proformance tip
Contains small parts do keep it away from small kid

(boxes are removed. You Will Receive Items in Poly Wrap & Protective Shipping Envelop)

Shinobi saramanda is a balance type in attack and defense
Saramanda chrome wheel seems to be designed for barrage attacks making it useful for attack based customs, I personally like pairing it w/ Dragooon in syncrom
Shinobi is also offensively based and looks like a balance version of samurai crystal wheel
Switch145 is versatile due to mode changing
SD has decent defense and stamina in the zero g stadium and makes for a good counter attack angainst physical and centrifugal force attacks and since it is too small it is not really affected much by movement
The Metal stone face is also useful to add some weight
Overall Shinobi Saramanda is a barrage/counter attack master like a ninja
Material: Fight part by cast iron with coating, do not contain heavy metals
Decoration part by high quality PMMA (in different colors)
Dia: about 5.8cm, large full size bey metal masters

Each Package Weight: 115g

From the Manufacturer:
Shinobi Saramanda uses a Metal Stone Face, rather than a Stone Face. In Zero-G, Metal Stone Faces are the equivalent of Metal Faces from the HWS. While the Metal Stone Face depicts the mythical Salamander, of which Shinobi Saramanda is based on, the design has a cartoonish depiction of the salamander, with its head grinning and glaring to the right, with fiery eyes. It shows its lizard-like body ending in its tail curving behind it. The salamander has small arms and legs, with fire-like details; while the salamander itself is engulfed in flames. The design overall, is black with orange fumes and a lime-green outline. It appears as a sticker on the Metal Stone Face. It resembles the original Striker (Unicorno) motif.

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12-15 Years
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5-7 Years
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> 8 years old
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> 6 years old
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> 3 years old
Age Range:
8-11 Years
Model Number:
Bey blade Zero G BBG-02 Booster Shinobi Salamander SW145SD
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