Yu Gi Oh Blue-eyes White Dragon Broken Diy Psec-jp001 Toy Hobby Collectibles Game Collection Anime Card

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Effect Monster 8 stars / Attribute: Light / Race: Dragon / Attack: 3000 / Defense: 2500
This card cannot be summoned normally.
You can summon this card when you hand a “Blue Eyed White Dragon” to the opponent.
This method of “Blue Eyed White Dragon” can only be called once per turn.
: As long as the card name of this card exists on the field or graveyard, it will be used as “Blue Eyed White Dragon”.
: Once per turn, only one monster on the opponent’s field can be activated.
The monster is destroyed.
During the turn this effect was activated, this card cannot attack.

Item Specifics
Stay away from fire
Model Number:
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Age Range:
8~13 Years
Age Range:
14 Years & Up
Age Range:
5-7 Years
Age Range:
China certified (3C)
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