Rechargeable & Waterproof Dog Training Collar 2-in-1 Shock With Remote And Automatic Barking

$ 49,99$ 95,99

Rechargeable & Waterproof Dog Training Collar 2-in-1 Shock With Remote And Automatic Barking
Rechargeable & Waterproof Dog Training Collar 2-in-1 Shock With Remote And Automatic Barking $ 49,99$ 95,99
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Remote Dog Training Lead Electronic Training Collar Waterproof Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable Two in One Dog Shock Collar Device

Color: Reflective Nylon /Black&Orange TPU Collar
Function: Sound Vibration & Shock
Feature 1: With both Automatic bark collar and Remote training collar Function
Feature 2: Rechargeable with long battery life, long standby time
Feature 3: 1500 Feet Remote Distance control
Feature 4: Waterproof IPX65
Feature 5: Combined Training modes remote dog training collar
Sensitivity: 1-100 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels
Apply dogs: Suitable for all size dog


Kindly Reminder

The automatic anti bark function can be closed, press the remote power buttonfor 3 seconds, when the receiver beepfor 2 times, the automatic anti bark function closed; press the Power Buttonfor 3 seconds again, when the receiver beepfor 1 time, the automatic anti bark function opened.

Professional dog training school, International dog training Barton Belem and Personal Training

They all recommend to use Shock collars
to correct pet’s bad behaviors

Pls kindly Note:

I.The automatic anti bark function has beenset to the best using statewhen out of factory, so, it was no need to be adjusted individually. Could be wore on the neck of dogs directly when turn on the power.

II.Following ishow the automatic anti bark works:

1)When thedog barks, the anti-barking device will producea 2 -second warning sound.

2)When thesecond bark occurs within 30 seconds, the device will producea3-second warning sound.

3)When thethird timebarkwithin 30 seconds, the anti-barking device will play a warning sound for5 seconds along witha weak static shock punishmentto the dog, to remind the dog of rememberingnotbarkingwhen hearing the warning sound.

4) This kind of training willrepeat for 7 times. The 1-2 times arewarningsound only,If the dog keep barking, it will trigger the3-7 times sound + static mode. The strength of the static shock increases step bystep, to correctthe dogs behaviour.

III.Automatic Protection Mode:

2) In order to protect the dog, the indicator light willenterintothe fast flashing statewhen the devicekeeps working for 7 times, andthe barking device willstop working for 1 minuteand enter into the initial standby state.

The way of strengtheningthe warningsound and static shock progressivelytechniqueproves to be humanized and effective.


Before using the electric shock function, you could first remind the pet by using the vibration (warning tone). When the dog has the stress reaction, we could reduce the current, or just use the vibration. After all, we love dogs so when train them, no one wants the dogs are often punished by electric shock!

About Anti-abrasion Buckle:

After training the dog for sometime that we have corrected dogs’ bad behaviors, we can put the anti abrasion buckle on the receiver, and then let the dog keep wearing the collar. The flat shape soft silicone material makes the dog’s neck more comfortable, on the other hand, the non-conductive silicone material is isolate with the electric shock function and prevent hurting the dog from being accidentally pressed the electric shock mode. At the same time, the electric shock collar with insulated anti-abrasion buckle has a certain deterrent effect to the dog.

Blow to the sensitivity hole at the middle of the device

The first and the second time, it will produce the warning sound. When the device works at the third time, the static electricity is emitted. Put the white test lamp on the two electrode screws of the device could test the electric shock function and the test lamp will emit light. After the product works for seven times, the indicator light will enter into fast flashing state, the device will stop working for 1 minute, and enter into the initial standby state, and then cycle.

Additional information

Brand Name: No selection


Item Type: No selection

Training Collars

Origin: No selection


Model Number: No selection


Material: No selection


Type: No selection


Product Name: No selection

2-in-1 Dog training collar and barking collar

Available Colors: No selection

Reflective/Black & Orange

Functions: No selection

Sound/Vibration and Shock

Working Mode: No selection

With both Automatic bark collar and Remote training collar Function

Battery life: No selection

Rechargeable with 60 days long battery running time

Working Range: No selection

1500 Feet Remote

Waterproof: No selection

Waterproof IPX65

Sensitivity: No selection

1-100 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels

Apply Dogs: No selection

Suitable For All sized Dogs


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