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Rainbow Chrysanthemum Flores Bonsai Seeds Perennial Bloom

Give your garden the wow factor by adding Rainbow Chrysanthemum Flores Bonsai Seeds to your selection! Bright and colorful chrysanthemum blooms will bloom as perennial plants for years, and give any garden an eye-catching pop of color. Our Rainbow Chrysanthemum seeds are of the highest quality, and will produce an abundance of plants that thrive in subtropical climates. They can also be easily grown indoors, making them a great addition to any home or office.

These Rainbow Chrysanthemum Flores Bonsai Seeds will add a unique element to your garden and will tolerate dryness, wind, and drought. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect blooms year after year. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor space, these Rainbow Chrysanthemum Flores Bonsai Seeds will help you create the perfect garden oasis.

Product facts:
• Classification: Happy Farm
• Function: Air Purification
• Size: Mini, Small, Medium
• Type: Blooming Plants
• Varietal: Flower
• Climate: Subtropics
• Full-Bloom Period: Spring
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Applicable Constellation: Leo
• Use: Outdoor or Indoor Plants
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Location: Balcony
• Style: Perennial
• Product Type: Bonsai

For beautiful blooms year after year, make sure to:
• Plant in well-drained, loamy soil;
• Provide adequate sunlight;
• Water the plants regularly during the summer;
• Cutback in cooler months;
• Provide nutrients as needed.

How to Plant Rainbow Chrysanthemum Bonsai Seeds:
• Prepare a suitable location for planting;
• Sow the seeds according to instructions;
• Provide adequate sunlight and thin out seedlings after germination;
• Water the plants regularly during the growing season;
• Fertilize the soil as needed;
• Prune as needed to keep the plant’s shape;
• Cut back severely during the fall and winter months.

These Rainbow Chrysanthemum Flores Bonsai Seeds will create a garden of beauty that you will be proud of! Deer resistant, disease resistant, and pest resistant, these seeds are the perfect addition to the home or office garden! If you’re looking for a beautiful bloom all year-round, try Rainbow Chrysanthemum Flores Bonsai Seeds today!

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Happy Farm


Air Purification




Blooming Plants





Full-bloom Period




Applicable Constellation



Outdoor Plants

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Very Easy





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