Original Digital Game Israel Mahjong Fast Moving Rummy Tile Family Travelling Version Classic Board

$ 36,99

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Original Digital Game Israel Mahjong Fast Moving Rummy Tile Family Travelling Version Classic Board
Original Digital Game Israel Mahjong Fast Moving Rummy Tile Family Travelling Version Classic Board $ 36,99
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The Fast Moving Rummy Tile Family Game Travelling Version Classic Board Game Original Digital Game Israel Mahjong


Material: PVC

For Players: 2-4

For Ages: 8 Years Above

Game Time: About 30 Minutes

This Game Include:

106 Digital Cards (104 Colorful Cards + 2 Jokers), The Colorful cards has 4 different colors: Blue/Orange/Red/Black and Each color has 2 X 13(1-13)=26 Digital Cards.

4 Black Plastic Cards Holders for Players

8 Supports for the Cards Holders

1 Instruction Manuel

How to Play:
The Lame brick card numbers down to cover up the shuffle, and then every four stacked pile lined.
Lined up after each take 14 cards in his row rack cards, can be done according to what sort of colors and numbers.
Awareness of legal combinations
Group order:
There should be the same color as the digital sequence.
Right right group:
Color is not the same as going digital.
Purchase a combination of elements:
Must be more than three cards, is in line with the provisions of the combination oh.
The card can be recombined on the desktop or decomposition, but remember to keep the legal licensing group.
Impermissible combinations:
(Sequential group must be the same color)
(Pairs of the group must be different colors)
Determine the order: Each public each draw a card, and the larger digital-first-out (not a wild card),
Out of hand and then inserted into the community cards, then began to turn the cards clockwise.
Ice-breaking operations:
Each player is the first time the cards portfolio, add up the sum of the numbers must be greater than or equal to 30,
You can also simultaneously a combination of two or more, as long as the combined total of 30 points is equal to the completion of the ice-breaking move.
The following is a complete ice-breaking combinations:
For example: = 33 points
Or: = 30 points
Or the two groups together: + = 30 points
Each have their own ice-breaking action needs to be done before they can begin the cards continue the game
(Once you break the ice icebreaker no further action), we can have an icebreaker normal cards for the game,
If it’s your turn, had not played the way the total number of combinations can exceed 30, the
You have to draw a middle card to share his cards rack,
When times get shared licensing necessary to wait until the next round.
Some people will draw a lot of cards to come, still can not complete the ice-breaking action, then do not worry,
Because it means you accumulate these cards until after the break the ice, there is a chance to play a lot of combinations out oh.
When you have finished ice-breaking at the same time, you can move brain power, started a card. (La exciting game start)
Cards by:
At this point you can play or novel combination or (wild card can be used as any card)
As long as the legal combinations can play out until the card or do not want no one out and then replaced,
But every rule of the game is a 1-minute-per-Reflection cards.
You can also continue the existing table combination (regardless of who is out of cards can be connected)
You can also optionally dismantling the existing combination on the table, so you want the placement of cards
You can also use the card table replace wild card, wild card and then used this combination to other legal deck.
Have wild card on the table, no longer back his cards rack.
As long as compliance with a combination of elements; each combination of three or more members need to.
Every time you turn a card, you may be able to put out the cards once completed, may be retained until a more fitting opportunity out.
And shouting the same number of sheets, plus an additional punishment of three cards. So when you play very deep to be careful when more careful.
Who wins:
After the cards are put out is the winner. When the winner appears, winner shouted represent this disc the game is over “Lame.”
The case when all the cards are common to get finished, still unable to emerge the victor will occur.
Scoring criteria
When the winner appears, it is necessary licensing digital sum remaining home computing input, such as the unfinished loser hand out cards
Add up to 50 is to represent minus 50 points, and the winner of this dish is the sum of all points won loser scores to calculate the positive points.
If there is no winner, is the digital sum each remaining cards compared to the fewer numbers on behalf of the less negative points, so he is the winner.
If at the end of the game, the loser of the card holder if there are wild cards (ie smiley face cards), each in the settlement to be deducted 30 points more

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will not be missing accessories.

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