Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds


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Organic Pomegranate Dwarf Trees 30 Seeds

Discover the secrets of the Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds. Growing Dwarf Finger Lime Trees from seeds has never been easier! With their unique, citrusy aroma, these 30 seeds have the potential to give you the success and full, nutritious crop that you’ll treasure and enjoy for years to come! Perfect for the home garden or outdoor planting, our Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds are great beginner plants, classified as ‘Canned Plant’ and ‘Perennial’.

These Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds are incredibly easy to plant and require very little attention. You’ll love the mixed color varieties, full bloom period of Autumn and the bountiful yields of seasonal fruits from your very own garden. With a germination rate of 90%, these seeds have a full maturity time of just 12 months – give your Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds the love and care they need and you’re rewarded with succulent, sweet fruits and a healthy, full grown plant size of up to 6.6ft x 6.3ft.

Product Specifics:

• Product Type: Bonsai
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Model Number: Bonsai
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Function: Beautifying
• Size: Mini,medium,large,small
• Full-bloom Period: Autumn
• Classification: Canned Plant
• Style: Perennial
• Location: Courtyard
• Climate: Temperate
• Type: Succulent Plants
• Applicable Constellation: Cancer
• Use: Outdoor Plants
• Variety: Pomegranate
• Planta: Perennial Flowers
• Exotic Seeds: Tropical Flower Seeds
• Color: Mixed

Allow yourself to reap the benefits of growing your own Dwarf Finger Lime Trees with these Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds – perfect for indoor and outdoor planting, with no need for a flowerpot or specialist knowledge. Experience the joy of gardening with these easy to grow and nutrient rich seeds today!

How to Plant Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds:

• Start by soaking the Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds in warm water for 24 hours – this will help to soften the hard capsule, improving your chances of a successful germination.

• Create a shallow indentation on the surface of your compost filled pot – about a centimeter deep.

• Gently place one or two grown Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds in the compost and cover with a thin layer of soil.

• Water regularly but don’t allow your soil to become waterlogged – keep the soil moist to the touch.

• Over the course of 12 months with regular watering, your Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds will become fully grown Pomegranate Dwarf Trees, with beautiful foliage and delicious, sweet fruits.

Enjoy the unique flavor of Citrus Fruit Grown from Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds – perfect for novice and experienced gardeners alike! With a 90% germination rate, these seeds are good for planting in a variety of zones and conditions, needing minimal care and a standard soil type, plentiful water and a good amount of sunlight. In addition, these Organic Dwarf Finger Lime Trees Seeds are pest and deer resistant, and incredibly easy to grow – get started with your perfect orchard today!

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Cultivating Difficulty Degree: No selection

Very Easy

Model Number: No selection


Flowerpot: No selection


Function: No selection


Size: No selection


Full-bloom Period: No selection


Classification: No selection

Canned Plant

Style: No selection


Location: No selection


Climate: No selection


Type: No selection

Succulent Plants

Applicable Constellation: No selection


Use: No selection

Outdoor Plants

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Planta: No selection

Perennial Flowers

Exotic Seeds: No selection

Tropical Flower Seeds

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