Golden Elongated Seeds 50 Fruits


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Golden Elongated Seeds from 50 Banana Melon Fruits

Discover the beauty of nature with our Golden Elongated Seeds from 50 Banana Melon Fruits! These delicate yet hardy seeds provide a unique floral aesthetic to any garden and are a delight to behold. Enjoy the perfect blend of aroma and hue as you stimulate your senses with their bright golden color and melon-like scent.

These seeds are a versatile pick for your home gardens. They can be planted in containers or directly in the ground. With a growing season of Spring through Fall, and quick germination in just 1-2 weeks, you can achieve a full-grown plant in just 8 months. Their average mature height is around 10 inches, perfect for farming in any kind of space.

Whether it’s powering up a sunny patio, lining a walkway to a gate, or adorning a front yard flower bed, our Golden Elongated Seeds add a signature touch of opulence to your outdoor space. For an extra touch of luxury, pair them with a contrasting variety of colorful flowers.

Bullet Point Descriptions:
– Perfect for brightening up any garden
– Grows to an average mature height of 10″
– Quick germination in 1-2 weeks
– Full-bloom period of Spring through Fall
– Includes Banana Melon scent and golden hue

Latin name: Curcubita melopepo

Planting season: Spring – Fall
Germination rate: 1-2 weeks
Grown plant size: 10 inches
Time to maturity: 8 months
Soil type: Rich and loose soil
Watering: Keep consistently moist
Sunlight: Full Sun
Uses: Decorative, patio, walkway lines, front yard flower bed
Deer Resistance: Yes
Pest & Disease resistance: Mild

Steps For Planting:

1. Pick a sunny area with enough space for your plants to grow.
2. Dig holes twice as wide and deep as the Golden Elongated Seeds come in the package.
3. Fill in around the roots with plenty of rich and loose soil.
4. Create a slight mound around it and pat down the soil firm.
5. Water well to insure there is constant moisture.
6. Position the plant in the center of the hole.
7. Add mulch around the plant after the first watering.
8. Enjoy the bounty and beauty of your Golden Elongated Seeds 50 Fruits!

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