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50pcs Giant Black Watermelon Seeds for Growing

Discover the delight of growing Giant Black Watermelon 50pcs Seeds in your own backyard. These seeds are a perfect choice for new gardeners, with an easy to cultivate difficulty level and a fast germination rate you will be able to harvest your watermelons in no time!

These high-yielding and disease resistant Giant Black Watermelons are suitable for planting in either outdoor or indoor gardens, depending on your preference. With a maturity rate of just a few months, these watermelons will be just the treat you need in the Peak of summer.

Product specific data:

Product Type: Bonsai
Size: Small,mini,large,medium
Applicable Constellation: Corvus
Classification: Happy Farm
Climate: Temperate
Style: Perennial
Type: Landscape Plant
Model Number: Water Melon
Full-bloom Period: Summer
Flowerpot: Excluded
Use: Outdoor Plants
Function: Interest
Variety: Water Melon
Location: Courtyard
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

Enjoy the taste of fresh-picked Giant Black Watermelons straight from your backyard. Here’s what you can expect from the 50pcs Giant Black Watermelon Seeds:

• Latin name: Citrullus lanatus
• Planting season: Spring or Summer
• Germination rate: 85%
• Grown plant size: 10-18 lbs
• Time to maturity: 90 to 120 days
• Soil type: Light, moderately-fertile, well-drained
• Watering: Moderate
• Sunlight: Full sun
• Uses: Eating, Juicing
• Deer resistance: Good
• pest and disease resistance: Good

Now you can get started with planting with these simple steps.

How to Plant Giant Black Watermelon 50pcs Seeds:

1. Choose the right location. Even though Giant Black Watermelon plants need full sun the soil should remain consistent moisture so avoid a location that receives a lot of wind.

2. Prepare or buy seed starting soil and fill 4-inch pots. Plant 2-3 dry seeds per pot to the appropriate depth specified on the package.

3. Place the pots in a warm location and keep the soil moist while the seeds germinate.

4.When the seedlings have grown to 2–3 inches in height, transplant them to the garden or larger containers. Make sure to space them at least 3 feet apart.

5. Water the plants regularly and add some compost for extra nutrients.

6. Harvest the watermelons when they’re plump and ripe.

Order our 50pcs Giant Black Watermelon Seeds today and enjoy sweet and juicy crops from your own backyard. Get ready for a summer full of sweet treats with this wonderful variety of watermelon.

Additional information

Product Type




Applicable Constellation



Happy Farm






Landscape Plant

Model Number

Water Melon

Full-bloom Period





Outdoor Plants




Water Melon



Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy