Dahlia Seeds 100pc


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100 Dahlia Bonsai Seeds for Growing

Create a beautiful garden with 100 Dahlia Bonsai Seeds! Whether you’re just beginning to dabble in the art of gardening or have been growing things for years, these Dahlia Bonsai Seeds from [Company Name] are perfect for helping you create the colorful, unique look you’ve always wanted in your outdoor space. Grow vibrant and notable blossoms, with full bloom flowers that arrive in the summer months.

Strong and growing with minimal effort, these beautiful plants can thrive in sub tropical climates, such as on building roofs and other outdoor locations. With a cultivating difficulty degree of Very Easy, there’s no doubt that these 100pc Dahlia Bonsai Seeds will delight and amaze you for years to come.

• Easy to cultivate
• Full-bloom period: Summer
• Variety: Flowers
• Uses: Outdoor places
• Color: Pink, red, white, etc.
• Climate: Subtropics
• Time: Summer and Autumn

These clever Dahlia Bonsai seeds will provide eye-catching, statement pieces of beauty for your outdoor space amongst your other plants or potted flowers. From the small and delicate petals with medium sized stem and leaves, these amazing plants can fill any outdoor space.

Choose to plant them along a walkway, by a fountain, pond or as a border along your garden path and beyond. With the resistance to deer, pests and diseases, your outdoor garden will blossom and bloom with remarkable colors all season long!

How to Plant Dahlia Bonsai Seeds 100pc:
1. Select a location with plenty of sunshine and well-draining soil
2. Construct your planting bed then dampen the soil
3. Sow the seeds evenly, ensuring they are lightly covered by soil
4. Water the ground regularly
5. When the plants have
grown taller than 10-15cm, thin them out into a distance of 20-30cm
6. When the plants bloom in summer, pick to enjoy the beautiful Dahlia blossoms!

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Very Easy

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Novel Plant

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Outdoor Plants

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Building Roof

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Bonsai Tree Seedsplants Flower Seedlings

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Summer And Autumn