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100 Chrysanthemum Morifolium Seeds for FireworksShaped Bonsais

Bright Yellow Chrysanthemum Bonsai Seed Fireworks is a perfect choice for a stunning garden flower. With a variety of sizes and shapes, these Chrysanthemum Morifolium Seeds create a graceful fireworks show of vibrant yellow. Enjoy these beautiful flowers all through autumn as the petals bloom and fill the air with their sweet fragrance.

These plant seeds are truly novel, able to purify the air around us to create a healthy environment. They are also perfect for any space from balconies to large gardens, growing from mini to medium sizes. Whatever the season and climate, these incredible plants bring vibrant blooms to any outdoor space.

Benefits of Bright Yellow Chrysanthemum Bonsai Seed Fireworks

– Stunningly beautiful with a variety of shapes and sizes
– Sweet fragrances fill the air
– Purifies the air around us to create a healthy environment
– Grow from mini to medium size
– Perfect for any climate

Detailed Description

– Latin Name: Chrysanthemum Morifolium
– Planting Season: Spring / Mid-Autumn
– Germination Rate: 80%
– Grown Plant Size: Up to 60 cm
– Time to Maturity: 10-12 days
– Best Soil Type: loamy, well-drained soil
– Watering: Keep soil moderately moist, never allowing the soil to become soggy
– Sunlight: Full sun
– Uses: Beds, borders, containers, cut flowers
– Deer Resistance: Good
– Pest and Disease Resistance: Good

How to Plant Bright Yellow Chrysanthemum Bonsai Seed Fireworks

1. Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil
2. Plant the seed in small clusters and cover them lightly with soil
3. Water them in well
4. Apply top dressing of compost or manure
5. Water them regularly to keep the soil moderately moist
6. After 10-12 days you should see your Bright Yellow Chrysanthemum Bonsai Seed Fireworks sprout
7. Fertilize with a liquid fertilizer every two weeks
8. Enjoy your beautiful Chrysanthemum Morifolium flowers all through autumn.

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