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50pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds

Original price was: $14.99.Current price is: $13.99.

50pcs Giant Sunflower SeedsGiant Sunflower Seeds 50pcs - 1
50pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds $14.99 Original price was: $14.99.$13.99Current price is: $13.99.
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50pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds Grow Bright Blooms

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Are you ready to add some stunning heights to your garden? Get your hands on 50pcs of our Giant Sunflower Seeds and watch them grow into beautiful blooms! Our Giant Sunflower Seeds are perfect for flowering gardens, and you will be able to admire them all summer long.

Giant Sunflower Seeds, botanically known as Helianthus annuus, are popular around the world. With their bright yellow petals and dark seeds, these seeds will add a vibrant touch to any landscape. Plant our Giant Sunflower Seeds in a large area during the late spring or early summer and watch them grow to their full heights with minimal effort.

Our Giant Sunflower Seeds come from a type of bonsai, and these can offer a variety of interesting, novel plants for your garden. These sunflower seeds are easy to cultivate and are known for their beauty, with their full-bloom period in the springtime. As an outdoor plant, these Giant Sunflower Seeds are sure to add beautiful visuals to your courtyard.

Countless Benefits:

• Bright yellow petals and dark seeds
• Perfect for flowering gardens
• Grows with minimal effort
• Cultivates with ease
• An interesting and novel type of bonsai
• Full-bloom period in the spring
• Adds beauty to your courtyard
• A variety of uses

How to Plant 50pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds:

• Prepare for your planting season by prepping the soil with fertilizer and compost
• Plant the sunflower seeds approximately 2 inches deep and about 10–15 inches apart
• Water the plants often
• Keep the soil moist, but not wet
• Add a layer of mulch to the soil around the base of the sunflower
• Place the Giant Sunflower Seeds in an area that gets plenty of sunlight
• Control weeds with a hoe and pull them as they appear
• Stake the taller sunflowers to prevent breakage from strong winds
• Fertilize the soil around the base of the plant every six weeks

Get ready to add a boost to your garden with our 50pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds – always guaranteed to bring you stunning blooms!

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