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50pcs Chinese Watermelon Seeds Geometric Square Shape

Transform your lush green garden into a thriving oasis with these 50pcs Chinese Watermelon Seeds. Geometrically shaped, these delectable, nutritional seeds provide endless possibilities for you to express your passion for plants. Ideal for any outdoor space, each seed is specifically designed for all climates from the subtropics to the temperate.

Whether you’re a blossoming gardener looking to learn your craft or an experienced plant enthusiast looking to spruce up your surroundings, these Chinese Watermelon Seeds are the perfect addition to any happy farm. Boasting perfect cultivation difficulty levels and full bloom in the springtime, this perennial bonsai makes for a stunning addition to any tea table – or anywhere else! Enjoy growing plants of all sizes from mini to medium with the help of these nutritious seeds.

50pcs Chinese Watermelon Seeds Features:

• Geometric square shape
• Perfect cultivation difficulty level
• Ideal for all climates
• Full bloom in spring
• Plant varieties include small, mini, and medium
• Delectable and nutritional
• Can be grown in any outdoor space

Latin Name: Citrullus lanatus
Planting Season: Spring
Germination Rate: High
Grown Plant Size: 20 – 60 cm
Time to Maturity: 10 – 12 weeks
Soil Type: Sandy Loam
Watering: Moderate
Sunlight: Full sun
Uses: Edible, Culinary, Decorative
Deer Resistance: High
Pest & Disease Resistance: High

How to Plant 50pcs Chinese Watermelon Seeds:

1. Select a sunny plot to plant the seeds approximately 10 feet apart
2. Dig a small hole with a trowel and place in 1-3 seeds
3. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and water generously
4. As the seedlings sprout, thin them out and maintain consistent damp soil
5. As the season progresses, reduce the watering frequency
6. Harvest when the fruit has a yellowish undertone 7. Enjoy the sweet, fresh watermelon!

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Happy Farm



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Full-bloom Period



Outdoor Plants


Tea Table







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Very Easy


Blooming Plants

1 review for 50pcs Chinese Watermelon Seeds

  1. Robert

    These Chinese Watermelon seeds are great! I planted 50pcs and most of them germinated. They grew into juicy, sweet watermelons. A fun gardening project for beginners. Definitely worth the 4-star rating!

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