30 Pcs Maple Tree Bonsai Seeds Japanese Blue


30 Pcs Maple Tree Bonsai Seeds Japanese Blue - 1
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30pcs Japanese Maple Bonsai Blue Seeds

Discover the beauty of Japanese Maples with our 30 Pcs Maple Tree Bonsai Seeds Japanese Blue – beautiful, vibrant blue bonsai trees that can be planted year round. This collection includes a variety of perennial, exotic, and foliage plants for your home or garden, crafted to ease the process of bonsai cultivation. With the seeds featuring hardy herbs and plants, you can maintain the evergreen look of your garden while experiencing the subtle waves of blues and greens of your bonsai collections.

Our 30 Pcs Maple Tree Bonsai Seeds Japanese Blue are designed to provide you with an easy-to-grow and long-lasting way to transform any space into one of serenity and tranquility. From mini, medium, large, and small sizes, this set is just the one to initiate your foray into the art of bonsai cultivation. With ideal conditions of subtropics and baloncy climate, you can enjoy blooms in spring that will last till the end of winter.

Transform any space into one of beauty and serenity with the following features:
• Very Easy Cultivating Difficulty Degree
• Perfect for Balcony Locations
• Included Variety of Perennial, Exotic, and Foliage Plants
• Mini, Medium, Large, and Small Sizes
• Offers Blooms in Spring
• Survives Well in Subtropics and Baloncy Climate

With these 30 Pcs Maple Tree Bonsai Seeds Japanese Blue, you can enjoy a beautiful garden full of Summer, Fall and Winter beauty in just a few easy steps.

How to Plant 30 Pcs Maple Tree Bonsai Seeds Japanese Blue:
1. Place the seeds in a bowl and add water to them.
2. Fill climatized soil in small pots and sow two or three seeds in each pot.
3. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and water them.
4. Move the pots to a place with bright light and put them in an area with temperatures between 10 and 25°C
5. Water the plants regularly and keep an eye on it to make sure the soil remains moist.
6. When the seedlings are 2–3 cm tall, transplant them into a larger container with enriched and well-drained soil.
7. When the seedlings get larger, you can prune and shape them to get a desired bonsai shape.

Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple) is a hardy, popular, long-lasting bonsai with medium to fine texture. It is easy to cultivate, able to be grown indoors or outdoors, and tolerant of light-level changes. This fountain-like, mounding style tree is native to Japan and is great for growing as single or multiple trunks. Ideal for planting in the winter and spring months, a Japanese Maple Bonsai will have a germination success rate of 95%. It will mature to a size of 2–6 feet tall and wide. It will naturally prefer well-draining soil and will need regular watering and occasional fertilizer. To get the best results, place the bonsai outdoors in a partially shaded spot and allow it to receive four to six hours of bright indirect sunlight. It is resistant to deer and pests, and can be used for various landscaping purposes.

Start a garden of beauty and serenity with our 30 Pcs Maple Tree Bonsai Seeds Japanese Blue. Enjoy a lifetime of vibrant blues and greens throughout the seasons while giving your garden an elegant, unique touch.

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