20pcs Purple Maple Seeds


20pcs Purple Maple SeedsPurple Maple Seeds 20pcs - 1
20pcs Purple Maple Seeds $13.99
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20pcs Purple Maple Tree Seeds

Transform your garden, courtyard and balcony with this 20pcs Purple Maple Tree Seeds. Our product offers vivid colored and beautifully shaped maple seeds, perfect for decorating your garden with a unique and vibrant look. They are a must-have with their easy-to-grow features, allowing you to enjoy their benefits for years to come.

Our 20pcs Purple Maple Tree Seeds are suitable for many climates and locations, including building roofs, courtyard, balconies, indoors and more. It is an excellent choice due to its natural formaldehyde removing properties, providing you with healthier living environments. Growing easily, this little seed is renowned for its small size and can flourish with the right care and maintenance. It also produces great amounts of fruit, adding another layer of vitality and stunning visual effects to the area.

What You Get With Our 20pcs Purple Maple Tree Seeds:

• A full-bloom period with no limits
• Woody plants and specialty novel plant
• Very easy to cultivate
• Natural formaldehyde removing properties
• Perfect for indoor and outdoor areas
• Inclusions of perennial, temperate and tropical categories
• Small and mini sized seeds
• Great fruits-bearing potential
• Vibrant, vivid colors

Detailed Product Info:

Latin Name: Acer palmatum
Planting Season: Spring
Germination Rate: 85%
Grown Plant Size: 6 meters
Time To Maturity: 6-8 years
Soil Type: humus-rich, moist soil
Watering: regular and consistent
Sunlight: prefers partial shade
Uses: ornamental purposes
Deer Resistance: low
Pest and Disease Resistance: high

How To Plant 20pcs Purple Maple Tree Seeds:

1. Find a suitable location that allows for planting.
2. Clear away all rocks and debris in the area.
3. Mix equal parts of humus-rich soil and well-rotted manure.
4. Dig a shallow hole and shape it into a small mound.
5. Place the 20pcs of Purple Maple Tree seeds at the top of the mound.
6. Lightly press into the soil and cover the seeds with additional soil.
7. Water the soil to moisten, but do not over saturate.
8. Provide sufficient protection from harsh sunlight and wind.
9. Water frequently with a spray bottle twice per week.
10. Allow the Maple Tree seeds to sprout and mature until harvest.

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Woody Plants

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Building Roof

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