120pcs Bonsai Air Freshener Seeds


120pcs Bonsai Air Freshener Seeds - 1
120pcs Bonsai Air Freshener Seeds $12.99
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120pcs Air Freshener Bonsai Seeds Freshen Up

Transform your home and freshen up your living space with the newest addition to your green home decor – Air Freshener Bonsai Seeds. Add a delightful aura of natural charm, beauty and freshness to your home with a 120pcs package of Bonsai Air Freshener Seeds.

These exquisite Bonsai Seeds have been harvested from their natural environment to ensure that you get the best, most fragrant air freshener plants. Each seed comes with a full-bloom period during the summer, making them a perfect choice to freshen up any room, regardless of the weather. They are also easy to cultivate and require very little attention.

What’s more, these uniquely stunning Bonsai plants are an excellent choice for those that are looking for radiation protection. With their variety of airplants, they can also be a great addition to your study or other home location.


• Fragrant and naturally beautiful air fresheners
• Easy to cultivate and cultivate with little attention
• Perfect for freshening up any room
• Variety of airplants
• Excellent choice for radiation protection

Detailed Description:
Full-bloom Period: Summer
Type: Cactaceae Garden
Applicable Constellation: Virgo
Flowerpot: Excluded
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Function: Radiation Protection
Classification: Novel Plant
Use: Indoor Plants
Style: Perennial
Climate: Temperate
Location: Study
Model Number: Bonsai Tree Seedsplants Flower Seedlings Garden Decoration
Size: Mini,small,medium,large
Product Type: Bonsai
Variety: Airplants.

How to Plant 120pcs Bonsai Air Freshener Seeds:
1. Soak the seed in warm water for 5 hours at least.
2. Place them in small plastic pots filled with good quality potting soil and position them in a warm and sunny area.
3. Provide them with the right amount of water and humidity to help them germinate.
4. Monitor closely the progress of germination and seedling growth.
5. Once the seedlings have grown, transfer them to larger containers and ensure they get enough light and water to grow.
6. Keep an eye on your Bonsai Air Fresheners and harvest them once they reach maturity.

Achieve a natural aura of freshness in your home with the 120pcs Air Freshener Bonsai Seeds Freshen Up. Get yours today and freshen up your decor in a unique and eco-friendly way.

Additional information

Full-bloom Period: No selection


Type: No selection

Cactaceae Garden

Applicable Constellation: No selection


Flowerpot: No selection


Cultivating Difficulty Degree: No selection

Very Easy

Function: No selection

Radiation Protection

Classification: No selection

Novel Plant

Use: No selection

Indoor Plants

Style: No selection


Climate: No selection


Location: No selection


Model Number: No selection

Bonsai Tree Seedsplants Flower Seedlings Garden Decoration

Size: No selection


Product Type: No selection


Variety: No selection