10pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds


10pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds10pcs Giant Sunflower - 1
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10pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds for Growing

Experience the Beauty of Nature by Growing 10pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds10pcs Giant Sunflower

Who wouldn’t want to experience the beauty of nature with 10pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds10pcs Giant Sunflower. Magnificent and regal, sunflowers have an irresistible allure. They will bring a feel of vibrancy and youthfulness to any home or garden. Our sunflower seeds have the Latin name “Helianthus annuus” and are perfect for growing in all gardens sizes. Not only do they add immense visual benefits, they are also beneficial to the environment by producing oxygen and natural insect repellents that help keep away pests. The full-bloom period for these amazing Sunflower Seeds is just right for summer – making your garden look its best.

What Makes Our Product Special:

• Easy to cultivate
• Vigorous growth
• Low maintenance
• Fast germination rates
• Deer-resistant
• Captivating flower heads
• Suitable for all garden sizes

These 10pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds10pcs Giant Sunflower make the perfect choice for any homeowner or gardener looking to add a bright and beautiful summer feature to their outdoor space. With the perfect planting season, these easy-to-maintain seedseeds are resistant to pests and deer, grow large flower heads and thrive in all garden sizes with a low to moderate watering schedule.

Product Specifications

• Latin Name: Helianthus annuus
• Planting Season: Spring to Summer
• Germination Rate: 85 %
• Growth Plant Size: 10-20 feet
• Time to Maturity: 70 – 94 days
• Soil Type: Any well-drained
• Water Needs: Low to moderate
• Sunlight Needs: Full Sun
• Uses: Ornamental
• Deer Resistance: High
• Pest and Disease Resistance: High

How to Plant 10pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds10pcs Giant Sunflower:

1. Choose a sunny spot in the garden to plant the sunflower seeds.
2. Clear the soil of any larger weeds and plant the seeds in rows spaced one foot apart.
3. Water the seeds lightly and consistently until they germinate.
4. Once the seeds germinate, add a light fertilizer to help encourage strong growth.
5. After a few weeks, thin the seedlings by leaving the 2-3 strongest ones per row.
6. Continue to water and fertilize the seedlings as needed.
7. In summer, stake the plants if necessary to support the weight of the flower heads when they grow.
8. Enjoy the vibrant beauty of the sunflower heads come into bloom.

Bring your garden to life with these beautiful 10pcs Giant Sunflower Seeds10pcs Giant Sunflower that ensure a rewarding summer of blooming blossoms and make your outdoor area to be gallery-worthy. It is low maintenance, deer resistant and has an impressive 85 % germination rate. Perfect for all levels of gardeners and garden sizes – start growing your own sunflowers and create a long lasting source of cut flower material for your home!

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