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100pc Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds for Insects

Grow your own carnivorous insectivorous garden with these 100pc Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds. The Venus Flytrap is a unique and exciting specimen that hails from the various tropical areas of the world, thriving in humid conditions. Now you can have your own Venus Flytrap garden at home with these easy-to-plant seeds. Perfect for any indoor garden, our 100pc Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds are small-sized and come with our guarantee of high germination rates.

These Venus Flytrap Seeds will thrive in tropical climates such as bathrooms and are perfect for indoor gardening. With a flowering period of autumn, they require low maintenance and difficulty once planted, meaning you can relax by your own Bug-Eating Plant. Your new addition will require sunlight, moist soil, and light-to-moderate watering in order to grow to its full potential.

These seeds boast a long list of amazing features:

• 100pc Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds
• Insectivorous Plant – eats bugs
• Low maintenance
• Type: Carnivorous Plant
• Climate: Tropics
• Applicable Constellation: Pisces
• Variety: Nepenthes
• Classification: Novel Plant
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Germination rate: High
• Grown plant size: Up to 10 inches
• Time to maturity: 12 weeks
• Soil type: Moist and well-draining
• Watering: Regular
• Sunlight: Full sun
• Uses: Ornamental
• Deer resistance: High
• Pest and disease resistance: High

With these 100pc Giant Venus Flytrap Seeds, you can have your own exotic garden springing up in no time. Follow the planning steps below and discover the beauty and vigor of this amazing insectivorous plant.

How to Plant 100pc Venus Flytrap Seeds:
1. Spread Venus Flytrap seeds over good, moist and well-draining soil.
2. Cover seeds with a thin layer of soil and lightly press down.
3. Keep soil moist but not soaked.
4. Place in an area with full sun.
5. Seeds will germinate within 2-3 weeks, and a full grown plant should be ready in 12 weeks.
6. Keep the soil moist and enjoy your new, exotic addition!

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