100Pcs Red Pagoda Succulent Cactus Seeds


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100 Pcs Rare Succulent Cactus Red Pagoda Seeds

Discover the unique beauty of Red Pagoda Succulent Cactus with these 100 Pcs Rare Succulent Cactus Seeds. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced botanist, these seeds offer a stunning way to add some distinctive colour to your garden.

This unique variety is known for its striking red hue and barrel-like shape. The plant itself can reach up to 6 inches in height and will bloom vibrant, deep red flowers throughout its blooming season. When in full-bloom period, the plant produces large, bright blooms that are excellent for decorating your landscape and creating a dramatic backdrop. The seeds can be used for a variety of gardening projects, such as creating borders, providing partial coverage, creating a wall of texture, and more.

These 100 Pcs Rare Succulent Cactus Red Pagoda Seeds are durable and require minimal maintenance. They are incredibly hardy and can withstand some of the harshest conditions, making them the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor growing. They are an excellent choice for Kitchen, Taurus, and any other environment due to their incredible resilience.

Benefits of Growing Red Pagoda Succulent Cactus Seeds:
– Unique red hue and barrel shape
– Large blooms
– Durable and require minimal maintenance
– Ideal for indoor or outdoor growing
– Great for gardening projects

Product Details:
– Latin Name: Pagodacactus
– Planting Season: Spring/Summer
– Germination Rate: 96%
– Grown Plant Size: 6 inches in height
– Time to Maturity: 2 months
– Soil Type: Sandy/Well-Drained
– Watering: Moderate
– Sunlight: Full Sun
– Uses: Borders, Partial Coverage, Wall Of Texture
– Deer Resistance: Yes
– Pest & Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant 100Pcs Red Pagoda Succulent Cactus Seeds:
1. Start by soaking the seeds overnight or for an hour before planting.
2. Plant the seeds in well-draining, sandy soil, 1-2 inches deep.
3. Water regularly, but be careful not to over-water.
4. Place your new Red Pagoda Succulent Cactus Seeds in a spot that gets ample amounts of sunlight.
5. After germination, thin to one plant per pot.
6. You should see the plant reach full maturity within two months.
7. Enjoy the unique beauty of your new Red Pagoda Succulent Cactus!

Additional information

Full-bloom Period



Landscape Plant

Applicable Constellation




Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy




Novel Plant


Outdoor Plants







Model Number

Bonsai Tree Seedsplants Flower Seedlings



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Cactus Succulent

1 review for 100Pcs Red Pagoda Succulent Cactus Seeds

  1. Danuše

    Great seeds! thriving succulents, and the customer support was impressively helpful and responsive. highly recommend!

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