100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds


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100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds for Growing

Introducing 100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds for Growing, offering reliable results all year round in your home or courtyard garden. Whether you’re looking for a medium or small bonsai to liven up your home with blooming plants, or a mini garden that is very easy to cultivate and maintain, our 100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds won’t let you down.

Benefit from our seeds, providing a hugely rewarding grow experience and gorgeous flowers throughout the summer. Whether they are in soil or a flowerpot of your choice, you can guarantee a beautiful, lush display exactly the way you want it.

Our 100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds have a wide range of uses and are the ideal addition to a courtyards or outdoor area, easy to manage and maintain. All while helping to develop a stronger interest in the gardening world using a reliable variety, namely Purple Yam.

Product Specifications:
• Latin Name: Ipomoea batatas
• Planting Season: Spring
• Germination Rate: 85%
• Grown Plant Size: 15-50cm
• Time to Maturity: About 90-100 days
• Soil Type: Rich, Well-drained Soil
• Watering: 1-2 times/week
• Sunlight: Partial Sun
• Uses: Ornamental or Food
• Deer Resistance: Good
• Pest and Disease Resistance: Good

How to Plant 100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds:
1. Select a location with access to adequate sunlight (partial) and prepare soil for planting.
2. Sow the Purple Sweet Potato Seeds directly in the soil, about 1-2 inches apart.
3. Cover seeds with 1-2 inches of soil and water gently with a hose or watering can.
4. Keep soil moist and weed free as plants develop.
5. Enjoy your vibrant blooms and harvest when ready!

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Purple Yam

1 review for 100pcs Purple Sweet Potato Seeds

  1. Cindy

    these purple potato seeds are amazing ive never seen such healthy growth in my garden before the rich vibrant color of the potatoes are a sight to behold and the taste is just as incredible the seeds were delivered promptly and in great condition they sprouted quickly and with ease im thoroughly impressed and will definitely recommend this product and webshop to my fellow gardeners a perfect 5-star purchase

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