100pcs Bonsai Lantern Seeds


100pcs Fuchsia Bonsai Lantern Seeds - 1
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100pcs Fuchsia Hybrida Lantern Flower Seeds Bonsai

Create a tropical paradise with these 100pcs Fuchsia Bonsai Lantern Seeds and enjoy the beauty of lush blooming blooms year-round. These exotic blooms will add beauty to your home, patio, balcony or garden. Featuring a gorgeous flower-shaped bonsai lantern, these seeds will make a vibrant addition to your living space.

The flowery bloom and fun flower shape is what makes these Fuchsia Hybrida Lantern Flower Seeds Bonsai truly unique. Create gorgeous, vibrant blooms and add a hint of nature to your living space. With a flowering period of Autumn it’s easy to witness the full beauty of these vibrant blooms as the world turns into winter. The Fuchsia Bonsai Lantern Seeds make it easy to achieve this breathtaking beauty as they are very easy to cultivate.

Product Highlights:
– 100pcs Fuchsia Hybrida Lantern Flower Seeds Bonsai
– Exotic blooms perfect for indoors, patios, balconies, or gardens
– Flowery bloom and stunning flower-shaped bonsai lantern
– Long-lasting vibrant bloom in the Autumn
– Easy to cultivate, even for novice gardeners
– Bright, tropical colors will add a burst of energy to your living space

Product Specifications:
– Latin Name: Fuchsia hybrida
– Planting Season: All year round
– Germination Rate: >85%
– Grown Plant Size: Height: 5-8cm
– Time to Maturity: 8-10 weeks
– Soil Type: Humus-rich
– Watering: Keep moist (not soaked)
– Sunlight: Partial Shade
– Uses: Ornamental plant
– Deer Resistance: High
– Pest and Disease Resistance: High

How to Plant 100pcs Fuchsia Bonsai Lantern Seeds:
1. Find a space to plant your seeds outdoors where they will receive partial shade and a good supply of water.
2. Prepare your soil by adding some compost to make sure it is rich in humus.
3. Place your Fuchsia Bonsai Lantern Seeds in the soil and cover lightly with soil.
4. Make sure your soil is damp and keep it moist (not soaked).
5. In about 8-10 weeks you can witness your garden bloom with stunning Fuchsia Hybrida Lantern Flower Seeds Bonsai.
6. Enjoy the beauty of these vibrant blooms and relish in the tropical paradise you’ve created.

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