100pcs Blue Cycas Revoluta Seeds


100pcs Blue Cycas Revoluta Seeds - 1
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100pcs Blue Sago Cycas Revoluta Bonsai Seeds

Transform your garden or home into a magical botanical paradise with our 100pcs Blue Sago Cycas Revoluta Bonsai Seeds! This unique species of evergreen plant with its elegant palm-like foliage and captivating blue tint is easy to cultivate, making it a favorite for many beginners or hobbyists. The full-bloom period is nearly nonexistent, with the seedlings growing quickly into strong and beautiful plants that are resistant to pests and disease. The Cycas Revoluta is perfect for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, as it prefers temperate climates, full sunlight, and little water requirements.

Our 100pcs Blue Sago Cycas Revoluta Bonsai Seeds are the perfect choice for starting your collection of foliage plants. As it is very easy to cultivate, these seeds are a great choice for even the most novice of hobbyists.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from having these wonderful plants as part of your collection:

– Latin name: Cycas Revoluta
– Planting season: Spring – Summer
– Germination rate: 98%
– Grown plant size: 50 – 60cm
– Time to maturity: 3-4 months
– Soil type: Well-drained
– Sunlight: Full sunlight
– Uses: Home and garden decoration
– Deer resistant
– Pest and disease resistant

How to Plant 100pcs Blue Cycas Revoluta Seeds

1. Choose a pot that has enough space for the seeds and to ensure the roots expand completely.

2. Fill the pot with well-drained soil.

3. Plant your Cycas Revoluta seeds at a depth of less than 10mm.

4. Cover the pot with a plastic bag and keep it in a warm room with bright indirect sunlight.

5. Once your seeds begin sprouting, you can slowly trim the plastic bag until your plants are used to the regular temperatures.

6. When transplanting the seedlings to a larger pot, make sure to fill the pot with a conducive soil mix.

7. Keep the soil moist and give your plant plenty of sun.

Harvest the fruits of your labor and enjoy your beautiful blue Cycas Revoluta plants! With this pack of 100pcs Blue Sago Cycas Revoluta Bonsai Seeds, you can easily begin and finish your project of creating the perfect botanical paradise.

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