100pc Brownii Lilium Air Purifier Seeds


100pc Brownii Lilium Air Purifier - 1
100pc Brownii Lilium Air Purifier Seeds $13.99
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100pcs Lilium Brownii Bonsai Air Purifier Seeds

Welcome to your garden haven with the 100pcs Brownii Lilium Air Purifier Seeds. These high-quality bonsai seeds are ideal for planting in temperate climates and growing into a beautiful perennial flowering plant. With cultivating difficulty rated as very low, the Lilium Brownii is the perfect choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

This small to medium sized flower is sure to lighten up your garden with its cheerful blossoms of white, yellow, and pink petals. Not only will these petals bring life and beauty to your garden, but also fresh air with the Lilium Brownii’s natural air purification qualities! Your plants will thank you for it and so will your family.

Our 100pc Brownii Lilium Air Purifying Pack Contains:
• Lilium brownii, a species of lily native to Asia
• Planting season for Lilium brownii is spring and summer
• Germination rate of 95-100%
• Grown plant size is 95-100 cm in height
• Time to maturity is 2-3 years
• Preferred soil type is shallow, fresh, sandy-loamy soil that is rich in nutrients
• Prefers moderate watering
• Can tolerate 4-6 hours of sunlight
• May be deer and pest-resistant
• Has medicinal activity
• Can be used as a border, bedding or cut flower

How to Plant 100pc Brownii Lilium Air Purifier

1. Soak the seeds in water for 12-24 hours to help soften their shells.

2. Prepare fine soil and mix in compost or plant fertilizer.

3. Place seeds in soil and keep moist but not overly wet.

4. Place pots in 4-6 hours of direct sunlight.

5. Water regularly.

6. Transplant outside in 2-3 years once mature.

With just a little care, your 100pc Brownii Lilium Air Purifier Seeds will help make your garden an even more inviting place. Our lily bonsai seed packet and roots are ideal for all kinds of gardens, and will purify the air with the natural properties of the real Lilium Brownii. Bring a bit of nature home with the 100pc Brownii Lilium Air Purifier Seeds today!

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