100 Pcs Succulent Seeds Mix


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100 Pcs Seeds Stapelia Pulchella Lithops Succulents Cactus

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100 Pcs Seeds Stapelia Pulchella Lithops Succulents Cactus

Visually stunning and easy to plant, this 100-piece Stapelia Pulchella Lithops Succulents Cactus Seeds Mix is a perfect addition to your garden. This mix will bring a unique texture and elegant beauty to any outdoor or indoor setting. Featuring a variety of vibrant and contrasting colors, this mix can create an eye-catching display in any flowerbed or planter.

Featuring Stapelia Pulchella, Lithops and other succulents, this mix of cactus seeds is renowned for its hardiness and low-maintenance needs. These plants are perfect for growing in USDA growing zones 4-9 and require full sun to partial shade, depending on the type of succulents included. Whether planted indoors or outside, these seeds will thrive in well-drained soil and need watering about once per week.

Product Details:
– Latin name: Stapelia Pulchella
– Planting season: Spring, Summer
– Germination rate: 78%
– Grown plant size: Dependent on type of succulent
– Time to maturity: 12-16 weeks
– Soil type: Dry, well-drained, slightly alkaline
– Watering: About once per week
– Sunlight: Full to partial shade
– Uses: Flowerbeds, planter boxes, air purification
– Deer resistance: Yes
– Pest and disease resistance: Yes

How To Plant 100 Pcs Succulent Seeds Mix
1. Fill planting pots with potting soil that has excellent drainage.
2. Moisten the soil slightly before planting the seeds.
3. Scatter the seeds evenly over the surface of the soil.
4. Sprinkle a thin layer of potting mix over the seeds.
5. Place the pots in a warm area and keep them lightly moist.
6. Thin the seedlings of succulents so that there is at least two inches of space between them.
7. Once the seedlings are large enough, transplant them into individual pots.
8. Place the seedlings in a spot with full sun or partial shade, depending on the type of succulent.
9. Water the succulent seedlings about once per week and feed them every few weeks with a balanced fertilizer.

Enjoy the beauty of this Stapelia Pulchella Lithops Succulents Cactus Seeds Mix and create a unique and vibrant display in any flowerbed or planter box. Perfect for air purification, this mix will bring a special texture and stunning palette of colors to any home. Plant now and enjoy the benefits of 100 Pcs Succulent Seeds Mix!

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