100 Pcs Melon Egg Seeds


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100Pcs Mini Sweet Melon Southern United Seeds

Reap the rewards of sweet summer days with 100 Pcs Melon Egg Seeds from Southern United Seeds – a variety of mini nothern melons packed with flavor! These seeds are perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor gardens. Boasting strong growth potential and an easy-to-manage size, the Melon Egg promises a great harvest of delicious, exotic melons. From gorgeous yellows and greens to a striated flesh of pink and red, this satisfyingly sweet and savory fruit is sure to impress.

Every purchase of 100 pcs Melon Egg Seeds includes:

• VigOROUSLY TESTED GERMINATION RATE: Certified from a 99% germination rate of 95% or higher.

• Suitable for Growing ZONES: 8A-11A


• GROWN PLANT SIZE: 2-5 feet in height

• TIME TO MATURITY: 8-10 weeks

• SOIL TYPE: Well-Drain/ sandy

• WATERING: Keep moderately moist

• SUNLIGHT: Full Sun

• USES: Eating fresh fruits, garnish, and making salads


• Pest & Disease RESISTANCE: Good

Start your own mini melon farm today with Southern United Seeds’ 100 Pcs Melon Egg Seeds. Enjoy delicious, homegrown fruit that offers none of the mess of canned or store-bought options!

To plant your 100 Pcs Melon Egg Seeds, simply follow these simple steps:

• Select an area or container that is in direct sunlight and drains well.

• Plant the seeds 0,5 inches deep in well-draining soil.

• Water them in well and keep the soil moderately moist until germination.

• Once the seedling emerges, thin the plants to 12 inches apart in rows.

• Fertilize with a low-nitrogen fertilizer every few months.

• The fruits will ripen in 8 to 10 weeks.

• Enjoy your homegrown, mini sweet melon!

Our 100 Pcs Mini Sweet Melon Egg from Southern United Seeds brings you delicious, exotic melons of exceptional quality. Get the best of flavor and nutrients with every bite, plus the satisfaction of enjoying your own homegrown treats all summer long. Enjoy the maximum yield and high-quality fruit with every purchase!

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