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Used for dog shit

Dog Litter Item Type:

Litter Boxes

Model Number:






Product: Dog Litter Boxes

Material: environmental protection PP resin

To apply a gender: General

Color: blue, pink

Size: Flat toilet: 48-49 cm long and 36-37 cm wide

Package included: 1pc Dog Litter Boxes

Description :

Flat net format toilet can avoid wet a man’s dog urine be dog stepped on!!!But some relatively trouble cleaning up dog shit, need more shake twice!

This flat dog toilet molding press button type better effect to use together with pet diapers, dog toilet USES the high strength of PP resin materials, beautiful and practical, into the strong water absorption, in addition to the strong smell of pet diapers, save time and effort, master home every day will not be bothered by everywhere defecation.Fixed in one place, develop the good habit of dogs fixed-point toilet.First time to use, can be sprayed on the diaper pet will lure guide agent, guide dogs can fixed toilet, right after using the toilet owners should offer certain reward, the dog can remember the location of the toilet.

The use of flat dog toilet pillar:

1.first pinch the column, so that the column with buckle on both sides of the concave, then select the vertical of the eight grid (10 grid will be loose)

2. insert card buckle in the lattice, loosen the pillar, column will automatically card in the grid.

Item Specifics
Dog Litter Item Type:
Litter Boxes
Model Number:
Used for dog shit
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