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Pampas is a type of flower that actually grows on grassy plains and on mountains.

The name Pampas is also literally ‘plain of grass’.

The colorful varieties such as this Pampas are also counted among the flowers and that is partly because the Plume can also be used as a cut flower or as a filling.

This Pampas is rich in color.

The plumes stand up nicely and all have flaming colors. Partly for this reason, this plant is also called the Rooster Comb.


How should I sow pampas?
You can sow the seeds of the Pampas under glass in the months of March and April. Sowing outdoors is also officially possible from mid-May and June, although this is certainly not preferred. The seeds need sufficient heat to germinate, and that really works best indoors at a minimum temperature of 20 degrees. After sowing, you do not need to cover the seeds with soil. When the young plants are big enough and it is no longer cold outside, prick out, harden off and plant out. Plant the flowers in a sunny spot, with moderate watering. Not only does it look beautiful in the garden, but also does very well in pots!

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