Heropie Pet Dog Training Train Control Device Collar Waterproof In-ground Underground Shock Electric Fence Fencing System Hot

Heropie Pet Dog Training Train Control Device Collar Waterproof In-ground Underground Shock Electric Fence Fencing System Hot

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1. Pulsed Proportional Stimulus: The closer your dog is near the border, the more intense it will be a shock.
2. Progressive Tone Stimulus: A warning signal will be issued first, then a shocking stimulus after 4-10 seconds. If your dog continues to move closer to the border with the current the stimulate will become stronger.

3. Smooth Field Width Adjustment: allows you to accurately control the width of the signal field

4. Sound and Visual Break Wire Indicators: If your hidden wiring breaks, a loud alarm will sound accompanied by flashing light

5. Speed Detects Anti-Runs Through: The faster your dog is in motion, the faster and higher the intensity gives out

6. Built-in Lightning Protection: Protects the transmitter from the pulsations of force caused by lightning strikes.

7. Multiple Collar Operation: can add as many collars as you want to control as many animals as you have. There is no limit to the number of gates he can control.

8. up to 5000 square meters range: More than 1.2 hectares.

Size: indoor wall transmitter: 14.5 x 8.1 x 3.2 cm
Max collar. Circumference: 58 cm

Colour: Black

Packing weight: 20.9 ants/593 g

How to use:
1) Wall transmitter: Transmitter central controller for the entire electronic system. Make sure the wires are set in a loop.
2) Gate Receiver: Receiver (collar) will make a beep warning, first, and then continuous stimulation if your dog tries to moor the boundary wire.

How to install the system:

1. Design your control area and calculate the amount of wire.

2. install the wall transmitter.

3. lay out the perimeter wire.

4. Connect the perimeter wire to the wall transmitter.

5. Make sure the transmitter is working and has no problems.

6. Install the receiver, then check the containment system and adjust the width of the field.

7. Install fencing wires and training flags.

8. Wear dog collars and training dogs. Then you can enjoy with a trained dog

1. Under no circumstances, the length of the electric cable is at least 15 m. Do not adjust starting the control handle for the entire log when the cable length is just over 15 m or the transmitter on the wall will be burned (when adjusted it to 1/3 means maximum). If you plan to adjust the starting control handle for the entire log, the length of the cable should be more than 100 m. If the cable is less than 100 m long, you can make the cable become a double ring or more that can work safely and let the length of the cable is more than 100 m

2. Not parallel chain loops and electron, phone, television and buried electric cable in another yard for two meters

3. Do not use for 3 m of electrical cable, or some part of the signal will be removed

4. Do not use an electric cable in a range that there does not have a cable, prevent the system for 3 meters

5. Do not use an electric cable in a place that has steel three centimeters underground, or the signal will be weakened

What’s included:
1x Indoor wall transmitter

1x Power plug

1x Adjustable receiver collars

1x Wire Borders 300m

2x Extra metal contact points

20x Flags Workout

1x Control Lamp

4x screws

1x user guide

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Training Collars
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Dog training Fencing System
Dog training Fencing System:
Dog training collar
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