324 Pcs Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Gx Mega Vmax Trading Card Game Evolutions Booster Collectible Xmas Toy Gifts324 Pcs Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Gx Mega Vmax Trading Card Game Evolutions Booster Collectible Xmas Toy Gifts

324 Pcs Pokemon Cards Sword & Shield Gx Mega Vmax Trading Card Game Evolutions Booster Collectible Xmas Toy Gifts

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Why should you invest your time, effort and money into shiny, plastic-coated pieces of cardboard?

Pokemon cards have become highly collectible over the years. Cards in immaculate condition are worth the most money, so it’s worth investing in some high quality sleeves if you find any valuable cards that are to be sent off for grading. These Pokemon Cards are best pokemon packs to collect!

Pokemon cards

Playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game – How and Where?

The rules of the Pokémon trading card game are available in many different ways, but the simplest way to find out about them is by buying a starter deck, which is a product containing 60 Pokémon cards, a playmat (where you place the cards during battle), a metallic coin (used for the luck-based elements of the game) and a rulebook. These starter decks are a cheap way to get started (hence the name), as they are designed for beginners, and as an added bonus, they usually have some surprisingly good cards, too. Otherwise, you can find PDF files and webpages containing the rules online, video tutorials on YouTube, or maybe you know somebody who can teach you, and best of all – there’s no catch. The rules are simple, and you’ll probably pick them up quickly, since the Pokémon trading card game is aimed at all ages starting from the ‘6+’ that it says on the packaging.

As for getting someone to play with, it’s actually simpler than it may seem, even if you really struggle around people. Aside from the obvious option of knowing a friend who wants to play, there’s always local sanctioned tournaments. These may be in various locations, but they are generally held at specified retailers, like video games/tabletop gaming stores. A quick Google search about where to buy pokemon cards online and find them should lead to some quick results, or, if you’re outgoing, asking around at some stores can’t hurt either. Keep in mind that a pokemon booster box contains 36 booster packs with ten cards each. Order some booster box pokemon today!


324pcs Pokemon cards

  • Ask Professor Oak to get you started, and reach new heights with the Pokmon TCGY XY – Evolutions expansion!
  • Each booster box is brand-new factory-sealed and cotains 36 booster packs, each pack has 9 random cards, guaranteed to include at least (1) Rare card and (1) holo foil card!
  • The Pokemon legacy evolves! All trainers & Pokmon grow and evolve – and this expansion restores the very first Pokmon trading cards to glory!
  • With the exhilarating power of Mega Venusaur-EX, Mega Charizard-EX, and Mega Blastoise-EX, plus some wild surprises like Dragonite-EX, Ninetales BREAK, Marchamp BREAK, and Mega Slowbro-EX, the classic hardbattling Pokmon and old-school Trainers are reinvented for a new generation!
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Pokemones cards
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