Brown Wood Jungle Token Board Game English Spanish Run Fast Pair Speed Forest For Family Party Fun Cards

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jungle basic & expansion board game, brown wood jungle token run fast pair speed forest for family party fun cards game


1. brown wood token. best touch feeling

2. redesigned colorful box, very beautiful

3. New arrival expansion verison, play it with basic version, more cards, more fun!

About The Game:

1. 80 cards in the box

2. weight:0.25kg

3. Spanish& English rules in the package


1. basic with bag: 80 cards+ rules+ brown token+ cloth bag

2. expansion no bag: 80 cards of expansion + rules

3. basic and expansion: 80 cards+ rules+ brown token+ cloth bag + expansion


the expansion must play with basic jungle game,

New arrival! Expansion of jungle game!

play with basic version, more cards, more fun!!

The rules are the same as basic jungle game, There are only 2 new special cards, as follow:

1.White Hands, Everybody has to put their hand on the top of the totem( the first player puts their hand on the top of the totem, the second player puts their hand on top of the first player’s hand, etc.) The last one to put their hand is considered to have lost a duel against the player who put their hand first(and therefore receives the two discarded packs, their own + the winner’s pack)

2. Arrows pointing to the left. As soon as this card is visible ( active) and as long as it is visible, all the players are playing with the active card which is on their left ( they have to take mentally the spot of the player who is to their left)

Basic jungle game:

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jungle game
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