Biodegradable Pet Dog Garbage Bag Earth-friendly 5-80 Rolls 1200 Pcs Green With Poop Bags Cat Clean-up Waste

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Biodegradable Pet Dog Garbage Bag Earth-Friendly 5-80 Rolls 1200 Pcs Green With Incense Dog Poop Bags Cat Clean-up Waste Bags
100% Brand New, High Quality.
With printing and smells fragrance.
Material: PE material
Color: Green Footprint
Number: 15pcs/ roll
Size: Volume: 6*2.5 cm, expand: 30.5*21.5 cm
Package Including
1 x 15pcs/ roll pet poop bags qty:as you choose
5 Rolls 75 pcs Trash Bags
10 Rolls 150 pcs Trash Bags
15 Rolls 225 pcs Trash Bags
20 Rolls 300 pcs Trash Bags
25 Rolls 375 pcs Trash Bags
30 Rolls 450 pcs Trash Bags
40 Rolls 600 pcs Trash Bags
50 Rolls 750 pcs Trash Bags
60 Rolls 900 pcs Trash Bags
70 Rolls 1050 pcs Trash Bags
80 Rolls 1200 pcs Trash Bags
When a dog is out to play, it is inevitable that dogs will have convenience. Especially in public places, it is very troublesome to clean the dog for the owner. If not prepared, it will inevitably lead to embarrassing situations. The toilet is the perfect solution for this problem. With this special plastic bag, you can completely grab the hands and the toilet without touching the pet BB at all. In the absence of a trash can around, the feces can be temporarily stored in the box without missing or smelling.
The toilet garbage bag replacement device is used together with the pet pick-up device to help you conveniently handle the excrement when the pet goes out.
Going out to walk the dog must be a good baby.
Pet garbage bags, used for home, outing or with a pick-up device are very good!
It can be used as a pet garbage bag, a mini clean eco bag, a desktop cleaning bag, a car cleaning bag, a carry-on cleaning bag, a packaging separation bag, a small storage bag, and the like.
It is convenient to handle dog feces when the dog is out. It feels more different when used with a dog picker.
Don’t worry about the poop, carry the purse bag with you, use the convenient bag or the pick-up device to pick up the dusty box directly. It is convenient and practical.

Item Specifics
Brand Name:
Dog Litter Item Type:
Pooper Scoopers & Bags
Model Number:
poop bags footprint
Pet Garbage Bag
Applicable Dog Breed:
Dog Poop Bags
With Incense Biodegradable Pet Poop Bags
Pet Supplies For Dogs:
Pet Waste Pick up
Dog Toilet:
Small&Big Dog Poop Bags Green
Pooper Scooper:
Dog Poop
Pet Outdoor Products:
Diapers For Dogs
Dog Waste Poop Bags:
Dogs Cats Trash Bags Pet Dog Biodegradable Garb
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